All about Shabby Chic Furniture: Everything to do with Shabby Chic. Also Rustic Furniture, Vintage Furniture, Painted Furniture, Distressed and Retro Furniture. Shabby-Chic is a kind of interior decoration style where furniture and furnishings are either selected for their look of age and indications of damage or where new things are distressed to realize the look of an old-fashioned item.
Shabby Chic things are frequently painted with many layers, hence revealing places that were clearly timeworn. Furnishings which aren’t authentic collectibles are often chosen because of their similarity to furniture fashions that were older, and might be replica furniture using a distressed or distressing method. Complex furniture appliques showing cherubs, garlands as well as flower swags, and additional motifs might be added.

Materials are usually linens and cottons, with linen being not especially unpopular, inspired by those type of linens that are regarded as old fashioned. Ecrus, along with real whites and pale shades that are bleached-out or distressed are among the favourites. Material is frequently stained to give it the appearance of a material that is aged. Washed-out and bleached are techniques frequently used on the design. Classic Linen in earth-tones, or floral shapes with pale colours, cotton ticking designs, are common of in the world of shabby chic fashion.
Vintage items including jelly cabinets and pie safes are not unpopular in shabby chic décor. Besides white, the shabby chic fashion additionally contains gentle natural colours like sky-blue, rose beige and pink hues. Tips from French-fashion home design are frequently seen in fashionable houses: for example Rococo wall paneling, furniture or design lamps.

Flower landscapes are not unpopular within the shabby-chic style of decoration.




This is a gentle, calm, female, intimate fashion of decoration that seems engaging and comfortable.
The fashion started in Britain and is intended to evoke the kind of ornamentation often on display in big country houses where there are distressed and washed-out drapes and old chintz sofas, and old paintwork. Shabby chic’s end consequence would be to reach a total impact that is refined, rather than the sentimentally adorable. Recycling old furniture and materials is a key feature of the appearance and was particularly favoured by artisans that created up a counterculture movement that was prominent throughout the 80s when high-priced quality decoration became quite stylish with upper-middle class people and modern Bohemians.

The shabby-chic interiors that were first were generally considered in themselves a form of artwork. Shabby chic’s early types were quite unique in themselves but the style developed using inspiration from several kinds of ornamentation. These range from painted ornamentation in the French style in to the Shaker style where plainness and ease was of the essence.

Some Shabby Chic Furniture Ideas

Shabby chic white furniture for the bedroom
Shabby chic to give an antique floral look while painting elegant pieces of furniture.
Style your kitchen cabinets by adding glass knobs.
Sand your furniture items before painting in the shabby chic style.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is a furniture design philosophy that applies twigs, sticks or logs in order to achieve the effect of a natural look. The term “Rustic” originally applied to the American National Park Service rustic-style of architecture. Many craftspeople, performers and companies make rustic furniture in various styles and with various contemporary and historic effects.

Painted Furniture

Furniture is often painted, frequently in several layers, in order to give it an old fashioned or “distressed” look. The idea is for the different layers to show, imitating an appearance of age or wear and tear.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture is a style that may or may not be exactly antique, but is either old or, more likely, has been made to look old a a result of aging or distressing techniques.

Retro Furniture

This type of furniture can be of modern manufacture, but is styled in such a way as to be from an older, but definable, period of time.

Distressed Furniture

Furniture is said to be distressed when it has been treated to aging techniques intended to give the appearance of a long period of wear and tear.

Country Furniture

This is a style of furniture design intended to imitate the type of furniture found in old fashioned farmhouses or country cottages. Alternatively, it can be genuine articles from that time and place.

Shabby Chic Furniture

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Shabby Chic Furniture

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