A Modern Vintage Décor Style

For the past several years one of the most popular style of home décor has been that eclectic style known variously as Shabby Chic or Modern Vintage. What was once derided as old fashioned and out-of-date is now seen as warm and comfortable. This soft, almost feminine style of painted furniture ha become chic indeed.


The very essence of the vintage look is that the individual items are mismatched. Gone is the “contemporary” look. One of the best places to look is the local flea market. A little imagination and a few coats of paint can work wonders.

It is not at all unusual for the modern vintage style to use a lot of white paint, for furniture as well as for walls and doors. However, an unrelieved white colour scheme is regarded as uninteresting. Bold splashes of vibrant colour will provide excellent contrast and pastel painted furniture will fit right in.


Latest Update: Monday, April 12, 2021