The method or process of distressing furniture is, perhaps surprisingly, quite simple. Obviously, the first thing you to do is to decide how the final piece should look. If you would like to see a layer of paint beneath the distressed areas, representing, in effect, that the furniture had been painted many times, then you will need to paint with at least two colours, If you prefer that the distressed areas to reveal the original wood, then you will need only one coat of paint.

Buying New and Distressed Furniture

When buying distressed furniture, you are taking a big risk. If you are new in the furniture business or even if you are an experienced dealer, you will understand that buying used can mean paying a price for quality that is not always apparent when you look at brand new furniture. There is a risk that you could end up buying furniture of inferior quality and a style that does not suit your living room. A distressed home decor style has style but no character. However, there is a way to get a distressed furniture style without making your furniture pieces an eyesore.

There are people who like distressed home decor style but there are others who are put off by it. You need to understand that it is entirely up to you whether you go for this style or not. It all depends on what suits your style and preferences. If you are looking for a stylish yet affordable way to decorate your house, then go for it!

The major benefit of buying used furniture is its cheap price. This is one of the major reasons why many homeowners revert back to this style. There is no need to purchase brand new furniture as the cost would be exorbitant. Even the ones that were once expensive can now be bought for half the price. This also means that you do not need to have a six-figure budget to look good!

However, a major pitfall of buying used furniture is the fact that this style usually gives off a very dingy, worn look. The paint might begin peeling, the wood may have splintered or the dings and dents that appear over time will soon make the piece useless. When buying distressed furniture, avoid going for the styles that have visible signs of wear and damage. Instead, choose pieces that look brand new but have had some ‘wear’ done to them. Remember, it is not the condition of the furniture that makes it look worn out, rather it is how it has been treated over time. When choosing pieces of distressed furniture, choose pieces that have had some ‘wear and tear’ done to them.

Another way of ensuring that your chosen piece of furniture looks fresh and new is to buy pieces that are either distressed or refinished. When distressed furniture is first purchased, the buyer will probably notice a few dings and dents in the material. This is because furniture is typically sold in ‘as is’ condition, with all flaws included. Repainting distressed furniture will fix these small imperfections. When buying new furniture, buyers can opt to buy items that have already undergone this treatment.

Refinishing furniture also gives the piece a brand-new look. While purchasing refinished furniture, make sure you purchase from a reputable furniture retailer. Look for a retailer who uses high quality wood, with protective sealing methods. Also, consider buying the piece from a brand-new supplier. This will help guarantee the best quality, along with ensuring that the furniture is in a brand new condition when it arrives at your doorstep.

If you are thinking about replacing your furniture, think about the distressed furniture option. Often you will save money by buying a used piece of furniture that has been distressed, as well as saving yourself some headache in the long run by avoiding hiring a professional. However, in order to achieve the desired style, try not to buy just any distressed furniture – go for furniture that has been refinished. A distressed piece of furniture could prove too delicate for use with a table; whilst refinished furniture will look stunning.

When you buy new furniture, you can create an overall theme or just stick to one colour scheme. It is a good idea to look around your house and home (particularly in the drawing room) before you make a purchase. Think about other furniture that you like, and note the colours and styles in which they look. If you find a style or colour that you like, stick to it – after all, you are giving your new purchase a wonderful start!

Distressed furniture can include painted furniture, but it’s also used with distressed painted furniture, especially farmhouse decor, which is more distressed than traditional country style painted furniture. The word distressed furniture has its origin in the furniture painting business and is now used to describe any kind of badly stained or damaged wood. Often distressed furniture is simply a poorly finished product that either had a scratch or cut. Newer furniture that actually has the appearance of having been distressed isn’t really distressed at all from a visual perspective.

However, when you buy distressed furniture, beware. There are plenty of pieces out there that look very similar to distressed furniture but are actually made from new products that have been sandblasted with furniture paint. These pieces have been sandblasted with a fine grit sandpaper (which means the finish is very fine and it will show through if you get a great job) and they have either been painted with a white pigment or a flat base color. You can also get pieces that are sandblasted black but once again, because they have been painted, their finish has worn away and they have visible scratches and paint smudges in places. They still have good condition though, so it may be worthwhile for a distressed furniture seller.

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