The method or process of distressing furniture is, perhaps surprisingly, quite simple. Obviously, the first thing you to do is to decide how the final piece should look. If you would like to see a layer of paint beneath the distressed areas, representing, in effect, that the furniture had been painted many times, then you will need to paint with at least two colours, If you prefer that the distressed areas to reveal the original wood, then you will need only one coat of paint.


“colors, consider using distressed furniture for a textural layer that adds an interesting patina. These black lampshades have a great anchoring effect on the desk …
Consider for a moment if you will, distressed furniture. By it’s nature, distressed furniture is furniture that is intentionally destroyed, or in some other way, manipulated. Be banging with a hammer, changing the paint, or jabbing …

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A week ago, the couple started a new phase of their lives by opening their first business, along with his mother Susan Helton of Abingdon. The Distressed Gentleman on Main Street in Abingdon showcases the redesigned furniture Helton has rescued from …


Once Upon a Treehouse
For every doll bought, a doll is donated to the Kids in Distressed Each piece of furniture for the houses are also sold separately The


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