Using Furniture Leg Coasters To Protect Your Floor From Chairs, Table, And Furniture

[wp_ad_camp_1]Furniture leg coasters provide the protection I need to avoid scratches, dents, and other forms of damage that my chairs, tables, and other furnitures can cause. Whether it is in dining room, bedroom, or in the family room, these furniture pieces are used incessantly and are subject to wear and tear. Unfortunately, the flooring upon which these pieces are placed are also at risk of sustaining damage, which is why it is advisable for home owners to use coasters for protection.

Leaving Scratch Marks And Dents On The Floor

Since chairs, tables, and furniture are staple pieces in any home and play important roles in a family’s day-to-day activities, they are prone to movement, which causes friction between furniture legs and the floor. The friction, coupled with constant pressure, often leave scratch marks on wood, marble, and time flooring, as well as dents on carpeted floors.

I know some people who use rubber mats and rugs to protect their hardwood floors but to me, these don’t look as natural as coasters, which are available in various styles and colors.

How Furniture Leg Coasters Reduce The Risk Of Floor Damage

I used to be so frustrated with the marks, scratches, and discoloration that my tables and chairs were leaving on my floor until a friend of mine suggested that I use furniture leg coasters to protect my floors. Acting similarly to the function of traditional drink coasters, these leg coasters act as buffer to reduce or even eliminate scratches on wooden flooring, sell as dents on carpet and laminate flooring.

The damages that my precious marble floors have sustained have been quite difficult to cover or repair without having to shell out a large sum, a problem I could have avoided had I thought about these coasters earlier on.

Getting Your Own Furniture Leg Coasters

Some countries or regions call them caster cups or floor glides, but most of the stores that I went to didn’t have any problem with me calling them leg coasters so I suppose that’s the more common term.

There are various designs available, so be sure to do some background research on ideal coasters for your furniture. The type of coaster determines its functionality. Glass coasters are the most common choice, as it leaves the least marks and requires zero to little maintenance. Stone and granite, on the other hand, are able to absorb moisture.

Also check out your local furniture or home improvement store if they have what you need. I’m pretty sure they can help you find the right item that fits your specifications.

Coasters Vs. Other Alternatives

Using Furniture Leg Coasters To Protect Your Floor From Chairs, Table, And FurnitureThe main reason why I like coasters and suggest them to my friends and relatives, is because they hit two birds with one stone. They manage to achieve both the functionality and aesthetic appeal that I need and I’m sure most home owners look for too. They don’t take away much from the design of my furniture pieces, but instead they just complement the overall theme of the room.

Don’t waste time contemplating on buying coasters for your furniture until it’s too late. Not only are furniture leg coasters practical, they are also a wise investment that helps maintain, if not increase, the value of your home by protecting your flooring.



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