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How to Achieve a Distressed Bedroom Finish on Your Bedding Set

Bedroom furniture can mean everything from traditional pieces of bedroom furniture to contemporary designs. However, there is something special about distressed bedroom furniture. Distressed bedroom furniture generally refers to any kind of bedroom furniture that features aged, worn, or antique characteristics. These may be features that are inherent in the pieces themselves or just natural aging caused by wear and tear over time. Bedroom furniture including beds, dressers, armoires, chests, and nightstands may all have some kind of distressed look to them. It’s not uncommon to find pieces of bedroom furniture that are more than fifty years old, yet still very functional and comfortable.

When it comes to selecting bedroom furniture, having pieces with worn and distressed hardware is a great way to create a unique and personally distinct look. There are two main styles of distressed furniture, flat and rounded. Distressed flat furniture is made by gluing wood edges to a wooden frame. The process of flatting requires a staining solution on both the wood and the frames, which will make the furniture appear distressed even before it has been assembled.

Round distressed furniture is stapled or glued directly to a round wooden frame. This type of furniture is perfect for a bedroom with a traditional or country decor theme. The rounded edges of the wood will complement the look of a traditional room and will add a rustic appeal. These pieces are also very comfortable and sturdy.

Before purchasing distressed bedroom furniture, you should take care to inspect the wood and be certain that there are no visible signs of warping, or decay. If you find discolored areas of the wood, it is best to apply a stain to protect the wood from further deterioration. Applying a good quality stain is much easier than painting, as there is less need for a protective coating. However, painting distressed furniture yourself is still possible, but do-it-yourself stains are not nearly as durable as those provided by professional carpet cleaners.

To choose the best finish for your distressed furniture, consider the rustic bedroom decor style you prefer. Western lindle, deer antler, and leather steeples are popular finishes. Look for products that are specifically designed for western or rustic bedroom furniture, as the grain of the natural material is much more pronounced. Distressed bedroom furniture can also be painted, but care must be taken to ensure that the paint is oil-based. Painted furniture should stand up to the light, so any bare spots should be covered up with a light coat of primer. Be sure to allow time for the primer to dry before using the furniture.

How to achieve a black distressed finish on painted furniture? Sand the wood bare. Prepare the wood by using a grit sandpaper, then clean it using soap and water to remove all dust, dirt, and debris. Apply the sandpaper in even, circular strokes, working from the outside inwards. Do not apply too much pressure while sweeping, as you do not want the finish to be uneven.

Using the same rubbing pad and brush, lightly brush the stains you have chosen. You may need to repeat the process until the stain becomes blended into the wood. When the first color is complete, you can go back over the entire surface with the same rubbing pad and brush to create a wonderful and rich sheen. Once your beds and other furniture have a beautiful luster, you will see more ideas about how to achieve a black distressed finish on painted furniture.

If you have already bought the comforter, try using your wood putty to create patterns and designs. The beauty of using wood putty is that the putty never becomes unattractive. You can even use the same putty to repair edges that may have been created by nicks from the edges of the furniture. A little bit of effort, preparation, planning, and creativity can help you create the bedroom of your dreams. The Black Bedroom Collection by lush decor, offers a great solution for creating a beautiful distressed wood effect.

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