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Update Your Home by Using a Vintage Cabinet For Your Desks

There’s a world of vintage cabinet styles out there to love. From large, wood covered cabinet to clear glass fronted cabinet, from plain wood to porcelain veneer, and from plain wood to porcelain veneer – the options for vintage furniture are truly endless. Vintage style cabinets aren’t just for dining rooms anymore!

If you’re looking for a more feminine look, you can find some beautiful table top cabinets that are two to three inches deep, made from a variety of materials, and lined with floral fabrics. These are usually two inches wide by four inches tall, two to three inches deep, and lined on top with floral fabric. They’re made from oak, pine, cherry, birch, maple, mahogany, or other wood, and the tops are either beaded or textured.

An absolute favorite of mine, and one I purchased several years ago, is the Rosewood vanity cabinet. It has a very antique look to it. The sides are mahogany, with matching brackets and doors, and the drawers are all lined with pretty feminine flowers. The four drawer top is lined with agate, coral pink, mauve, and a pink maroon. It has four large brass handles, and the drawer slides are a different colored than the ones on the rest of the vanity. To me, this vanity cabinet is absolutely gorgeous.

Another great vintage-looking piece that I purchased several years ago is the Antique Wood framed cabinet with mirror. It is rated five out of five by me, because of its beauty and quality of work. The mirror is frosted glass, with a floral pattern cut into the glass. There are cherry and black handles, and the drawers are lined with a pretty pink maroon and black, with some smaller pink flowers.

The Antique Gray Wood Vintage Cabinet With Drawers is rated five out of five by me for indoor use. It has two drawers, each about the same size as the last. It has an ivory color on the trim, and the front has some purples, creams, and beiges. I love the beige colored shelves, which match so well with the walls in my living room.

This beautiful Ash Gray Wood Vanity with Two Drawers is rated five out of five by me. It is a great addition to any home. The gray front has a beige interior, with a shelf and mirror, and there are several shelves to choose from.

The Antique White Wood Storage Cabinet with 2 Drawers is rated five out of five by me. It is perfect for the woman who loves to collect items. It can hold all her clothes, shoes, hats, purses, lingerie, books, and accessories. There is an interior coordinate with the front panels that include beige with grey trim, white with tan trim, and beige with black trim. It is constructed using a solid white oak wood, and the shelves have a coordinating white or tan wood.

This is my favorite gray metal cabinets that I have reviewed. These cabinets are perfect in any room that you want to store a bunch of things, but they especially shine in the bedroom where you can have a place to put your favorite shawls, bed sheets, comforters, pillows, and more. You can find them at any major hardware store or home improvement center that sells wood products.

The honey stained wood finish on this cabinetry makes it very attractive. It comes with two drawers that open out to reveal an inset for a shoe organizer. There are also shelves on each side of the top of the unit for additional storage. The honey stain makes this item very appealing to the eye. It has a white brass lock set with an oil rubbed bronze drawer handle and a brass hardware.

The cabinets featured in this article are part of a very large selection of Ash Gray Vintage Cabinet Handles and Cabinets that I have put together. All of the cabinets shown are modern in design, and come in a variety of sizes. These models are all created from high quality wood construction. They feature an Ash Gray finished veneer, and all hardware is included including the shelf brackets and drawer pulls.

To see the other great Ash Gray Vintage Cabinet Handles and Cabinets, and other items like this wood storage chest, check out my website. You will find that this site provides a wealth of information about wood storage chests and other great items for your home. You will also find some great deals on items for your kitchen and bathroom that you can use in your decorating plans to bring a hint of whimsicality when organizing your home space with this black and gray storage cabinet.

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