Shabby Chic Home Decor

Shabby Chic Home Decor is a Great Addition to Any Home

Shabby Chic Decorating
Shabby Chic Home Decor consists of chic furniture that is stylish, unique, and affordable. This unique style is all about gently worn wood with an antique or French provincial feel. Chic furniture has a beautiful warm look to it that makes it great for bedrooms, living rooms, and just about any other room in your home. Let us take a look at this unique style of furniture.

The beauty of shabby chic furniture is its soft and inviting look. Furniture made from reclaimed or antique wood is especially wonderful because it is so soft and charming, not unlike a well kept antique. With a little light treatment, your furniture can take on an antique look, just like furniture from bygone days. Warm neutral tones are the hallmark of this style, and simple floral accents add to the charm.
One of the most popular pieces of the Shabby Chic home decor is Shabby Chic dining tables, benches, and chairs. Shabby Chicks pieces are especially beautiful because they are made from solid wood that has been painted with washed out shades of pink and purple – a true antique touch. If you love Shabby Chic dining furniture, then you will also love Shabby Chic lamps and chandeliers, which are often used as a sort of side table in Shabby Chic homes.

Another great thing about Shabby chic furniture is how affordable it is! Many designers choose Shabby chic furniture for people who have tight budgets, because it is so soft and comfortable. Because Shabby chic furniture is so well crafted, it usually costs less than other, more expensive interior design products and materials. That is why it is so popular with interior designers who know the true craftsmanship when they see it – and many people do!

For instance, dining room tables can be distressed in a variety of ways to create interest and create an atmosphere of casual comfort. Many designers opt for real wood furniture, because the wood is so versatile and easy to work with. Another popular way to create shabby chic home decor is by choosing dining room chairs and tables with a distressed look, or using teak, an extremely durable wood. You can even find chairs and tables made from wicker, though this look is quite different and requires a different color scheme.
Shabby Chic Home Decor
When you’re looking for beautiful shabby chic furniture, the colors you choose are very important. Shabby Chic furniture is simply gorgeous – but you don’t want your home to seem too “cute”, do you? When choosing colors, remember that the colors you choose can either complement or contrast with your other furnishings, so try a few different colors to see which one brings out the most of the other items in your home. One very romantic choice is to choose cream shades for your dining room and reds and purples for your French country accents; a beautiful combination that will set the tone for every other piece of French country furniture you’ll add in the years to come.
Shabby And Chic Home Decor
One other thing to keep in mind is that the French country look is very versatile, and you can create such a chic look in just about any room in your house! Kitchens are always a great place to add shabby chic furniture, as are bathrooms (if you’re going for a vintage inspired look, of course! ), attics, and basements. In fact, you might actually see some Shabby Chic furniture in your garage – particularly if you have a car that you’d like to restore or fix up. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a beautiful French country style that is also full of personality.

Just one final tip: don’t worry so much about getting the right colors. If you choose light pastel colors, such as pale green or pale blue, you’ll already be setting the tone for Shabby Chic furniture, so you don’t even need to pick out coordinating cushions, linens or curtains – the Shabby Chic furniture will do that all for you! And don’t worry about having to use those delicate linens – Shabby Chic furniture is just as at home in a modern living room as it is in a rustic barn or a French country retreat! Remember, the goal is to create an atmosphere of casual indulgence – you want the Shabby Chic furniture to be as noticeable as possible, without being the focal point of the room. So take your time and choose carefully, and you’ll be happy with your decor for years to come!

Shabby Chic Furniture and Fitting

Shabby Chic Furniture is an easy way to update your home with furniture that is both stylish and comfortable. There is a big difference between unfurnished furniture that is ready to use. Unfurnished furniture tends to be shabby and worn and is difficult to find a buyer for. On the other hand, unfurnished furniture can be painted and then used as a beautiful and comfortable addition to any home.

Shabby Chic Furniture is Paintable Shabby Chic Furniture can be made to order in just about any colour. The furniture can be painted any colour by applying either varnish or paint with liquid latex. The latex paint can be applied to any surface such as wood, metal or even glass. After the paint dries, simply peel off the varnish or paint and the furniture will look just like it did when it was brand new. Shabby Chic Furniture is Paintable.

Shabby Chic Furniture is Fitting Shabby Chic Furniture is often a perfect match for distressed wood. Many of the distressed wood Shabby Chic pieces of art are actually real wood. They are just painted in a shabby chic style. This makes them very comfortable to sit on and allows for a variety of patterns in colours or styles. In fact, many DIY enthusiasts find that shabby chic furniture fitting perfectly with their own eclectic DIY style.

Shabby Chic Painted Furniture Look

Shabby Chic furniture is one way to bring a more comfortable and relaxing environment to your home. Painted furniture has a very special way of bringing life into otherwise dull and lifeless spaces. This style of furniture lends itself perfectly to an eclectic setting as it doesn’t have to be coordinated to other elements in the room. You can create a very traditional or modern look by just adding a few key pieces or even just splurging on a few accent pieces.

Shabby Chic furniture also makes great hand made items. Creating shabby chic furniture is usually done using a chalk paint pen or even a brush. However if you choose to go the all natural and organic route, you should definitely start by applying a primer before you begin painting. A primer will help seal the paint so that it doesn’t run or crack after being exposed to the elements.

If you already have distressing on your mind but don’t want to use distressing as your paint choice, using chalk paint can give your furniture that distressed, worn appearance that you are going for. Using a charcoal pencil will give you the linework style that you want and will give your painted furniture that rustic worn look that everyone loves. One word of caution: make sure you use a high quality charcoal pencil that burns consistently. Cheap charcoal pencils may smear and fade your paint job in a very short amount of time.

The Many Benefits of Distressed Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture is very well known for their distressed, weathered, antique looks, however many people have never even heard of Distressed Furniture. While distressed and weathered furniture is certainly a popular choice among vintage and thrift store shoppers, it’s also a great option for those who want an extremely comfortable, high-end look in their own homes. Why Choose Distressed Furniture? Distressed furniture allows you to enjoy that worn, old look without having to wait years for the piece to age on its own, which can be a real drag. Many craftsmen use special distressing techniques when creating the furniture with this goal in mind, and the end result is gorgeous.

Distressed Furniture is especially great for anyone who is looking for a very soft, comfortable, classic style – the Distressed Furniture of today is truly a work of art that adds a touch of beauty, elegance, and class to any home, office, or garden. You can choose Distressed Furniture that is specifically designed for a distressed or weathered look or, if you prefer, you can buy furniture that has a distressed, weathered look to it that can easily be distressed or sanded to give it the Distressed Furniture feel. Whichever way you decide to go, Distressed Furniture offers timeless elegance in today’s high-fashion world.

Distressed Furniture is made using a variety of different techniques that include electrostatic distress, which leaves a ghostly, copper-looking finish, rough finish, oil finishing, paint staining, and staining with a distressed, weathered look to it. These finishes can be combined with many other types of finishes to create an array of different effects, from a crisp finish, to a rustic finish, to a wenge finish, or even a distressed and weathered look. Distressed Furniture is a great addition to any home decor, adding warmth and comfort, as well as a welcoming feel that many people appreciate. For a welcoming, comfortable, classic style in your home, consider distressed furniture for your next decorating project.

Shabby Chic Decorating Tips For Home Decor

Shabby Chic Decorating

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If you have a shabby chic style home, then you might be wondering how to apply the look to your own space. The first step to achieve this look is to use a water-based primer on your walls. You can also use wire wool to remove any wax coatings from wood. Once you have achieved this look, the next step is to apply the distressed finish to your furniture. Afterward, you can clean the furniture and add new paint if necessary.

Choosing your colors for a shabby chic room is easier than you think. The key is to think about the color palette. Most shabby-chic decors use a muted or neutral palette. You can start with a paint color that suits your home’s interior and your soft furnishings. However, you should keep in mind that you can also use a bold theme with contrasting tones.

Adding a shabby-chic theme to your home is easy to do. You can makeover any type of furniture by using a distressed finish. Refurbishing furniture will allow you to showcase your trinkets and romantic tablecloths. If you’re unsure how to start, check out Shabby Chic book reviews on Amazon or in the library. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can create.

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Shabby Chic Home Decor

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