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A Few Different Styles of Painted Buffet Server Furniture

I’ve seen pictures of the perfect Painted Buffet. The decorators had taken famous paintings, cut them down to size, mounted them on gallery quality canvases and placed them in the buffets. I imagined a room of polished marble, with an incredible chandelier overhead and dim lights reflected on the wall design and furniture. The Painted Buffet was the ultimate in opulence. I dreamed of such a room when I first considered adding some painted furniture to my house.

As it turns out, I am indeed a Buffet. But my Painted Buffet has a far different character than the one depicted in the painting. The Painted Buffet has gray painted furniture, gray flooring, and a very utilitarian design. I find this description describes my Buffet well.

Painted Buffet, Decoupaged Drawers, and Antique Glass Vases. On the market today you can find hand-painted buffets, antique glass vessels, and many other home accessories. There are also painted furniture sets, including tables, chairs, end tables, even headboards for those really lucky buffets. For my needs, I went with these three selections:

Grey Painted Buffet. This is the sort of Painted Buffet that would fit into a more traditional setting – but it works wonderfully in an eclectic home as well. If you love the charm of antiques but aren’t into the period details (which my family happens to love) this is the style for you; the furniture is painted with white and black metals, the drawers are covered with blue velvet and the base is a rich red color accented by golden hardware.

White Painted Buffet. If you want something that is very clean and modern, this is the choice for you. The white cabinets feature brushed aluminum finishes, and the white painted furniture is very modern looking. The buffet area is covered with marble veneers that match the metal trim on the buffet and the wood of the buffet table.

Vintage Buffet. I love this choice because it gives me a chance to incorporate my love of antiques into my Buffet. The Vintage Buffet features very ornate furniture, and there are several varieties. If you love antiques and are thinking of decorating with antiques, this is a great option.

Glass Vase and Table. I found this to be a fantastic Buffet option. The base coat of glass looks fantastic with the metallic furniture of the buffet table, and the two glass shelves are beautiful. This option will fit in with any home decor. You can choose one of the hanging baskets for serving wine or champagne, or you can go with the usual wooden serving tray and go with that look of elegance.

Antique Buffet. If you want to add a touch of vintage style to your Buffet, you may choose an antique painted buffet. I think that this is a wonderful idea because it helps you achieve the rustic look that you are going for. The Antique Buffet will fit perfectly in a country home. You can also find some very ornate models on the Internet.

Gray and Red Accent Buffet Server. A painted buffet server with a gray glass top with red accents is a great addition to any room. The color palette is almost exclusively gray with red accents. It is perfect for a nook by the front door or even at the end of a long hallway.

French Provincial Painted Buffet. The French provinces of Canada have given America their most beloved genre of painted buffets. The French provinces created the world prepare buffets for their visitors. They would invite the visitor to dine at their house and then take that person back to their homes. Each of these homes had a painted buffett in it because it was the tradition in those areas. This type of Buffet is a great way to create a similar experience in your dining room.

Blue Painted Buffet Server. A blue painted buffett is a stunning addition to any dining room. This particular style of buffet is painted in a sort of a monochrome scheme, giving it a very clean look. A blue painted buffet will give the room a very sophisticated look that will make any person feel highly refined.

These are just a few of the many different styles of Buffet tables that can be purchased. The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination and budget. Decoupaged buffets are the perfect way to create an elegant atmosphere and a unique piece of furniture.

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Painted Buffet

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