Rustic Dresser


Rustic Shabby Chic Effect With  A Rustic Dresser


Walnut rustic dressers come in an enormous assortment of styles and colors that there’s absolutely no doubting you will discover the one that is perfect to fit your decor. There are those which have got that woodsy appearance the perfect fit if you have flooring and an all wooden room established, that’s all rustic and natural. There’s also those which have been designed to suit sophistication, with gold buttons,, fashionable look and all that will go with your room set that is high-class, fit for a king.

You can also look for those that are simple. You can pick a chest of drawers that could make your room appear smaller or larger by picking the tone that is correct. If you don’t understand what to go with, then pick something that you like and get a 2nd view from a relative or a friend.

An added advantage of using pine for your room, if you choose this particular wood for your rustic dresser, is that the timber contains a large amount of tannin which makes it fungal resistant and deters bugs, giving little to be concerned about. You may think it is a little expensive, particularly in comparison with plywood, but it is the right timber for creating and carving perfect dressers.



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