Bedroom Decor Boho

Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas With a Rustic Touch

Bedroom Decor Boho
Creating the perfect Boho Bedroom Decor can be a real challenge – but not impossible. The key elements are color, texture, scale and form. Planning is key for adding depth and dimension to a boho bedroom and can even add the illusion of extra space even if you’re just spreading out on the floor. So how do you create the look? Here’s some tips to get you started…

– Theme: Boho bedroom decorating with a tribal theme might incorporate an earth tone with bright yellows, oranges and pinks mixed in. Choose rich colors such as deep reds, pinks and purples and add lots of frilly fringes, ruffles and fringe for texture and a touch of the wild west or tropical island. Texturability can be your ally. If you are planning on painting the walls, use a paint with a lot of textured surfaces to help add interest.

– Frame: Use a solid frame to create a focal point for the room. This might be your headboard or your bed headboard depending on your personal style. Hang a large wall tapestry above the frame to act as the main decor piece. A colorful cotton throw over the bed can give you the added touch of color without being overwhelming like a carpet would be. Use warm earth tones such as browns and golds with turquoise accents for a timeless look. You can find so many great colors and textures in wool throws, especially when you go boho chic.

– Pillows: Try using muted colors, such as a soft pink for a girl’s bedroom or a rich burgundy for a boy’s. Pair earthy tones with earthy accessories such as crochet projects and needlepoint samplers. The earthy tones complement each other. For your pillows, find ones made from knitted wool and faux suede to give texture and wear. The leather texture on a faux leather pillowcase is a great contrast that goes well with all earthy colors.

– Jewelries: Boho bedroom decorating is about being bold and luxurious at the same time. Sparkling jewelry sets and necklaces in earthy shades such as blacks, browns, beiges, and browns are very popular and work well when you are decorating a boho bedroom. Try to stay away from bold metals as these tend to be more masculine. Instead, go for pieces with soft earthy accents such as seashells, shells, and animal skin. You could also incorporate earthy colored candles into your decorating scheme.

– Plants: Rich and exotic Asian and African inspired plants are ideal to bring a true boho vibe into your home. Try incorporating plants such as lemongrass, lilies, lily of the valley, motherwort, and wild hawthorn into your decor. These plants will not only add a truly unique and beautiful accent to your decor but they also help to detoxify the air in your home as they filter toxins from the air. Try adding plants such as California poppy and California poppies to create an earthy oasis theme.

– Wall Decor: Boho wall decor ideas can be really fun to explore. A lot of designers these days are making hand painted paintings which can be incorporated into your walls as well as other areas of your home. There is also a trend where you can paint large murals onto walls which have an Asian or African inspired design. You can find hand painted African wall art in local stores and online as well as being available in numerous galleries on the internet. You can even find websites which feature an assortment of different Boho wall decor ideas for your inspiration.

Creating a Boho vibe is easy when you use interesting textures and colours in your interior design. Once you have selected your Boho bed linen, curtains, throw pillows, wallpaper, tapestry and lighting fixtures, you can complement the interior with a colourful collection of Asian tapestries, hanging plants, candles, incense and rattan furniture. This is a great way to create the right Boho ambience without being too fussy in your selection of colour. The textures and colours you choose will add depth and dimension to the interior, helping it to radiate a truly authentic Boho vibe.

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Bedroom Decor Boho

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