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How To Decorate With Contemporary Living Room Decor
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Living Room Decor is an important part of any home and is often one of the first things that people notice about your home. It is therefore important to incorporate living room decor in your home interior design to make a homey yet warm atmosphere. Here we will explore some of the ideas to get you started on this exciting task!

Colour: Your living room should have a predominant colour which can be either monochromatic or multi-coloured. Think about contrasting colours or a combination of colours. Black works well with most decors but keep off the red and orange which work better with red and orange. Try black with a blue couch for a country look. If you are working with a rather simple living room design use only one colour scheme.

Pillows and throws: Using decorative throw pillows and cushions can add warmth and a cosy feel to a living room. Choose a luxurious throw pillow in a soft, rich fabric like silk. Be sure to add a matching throw cushion cover too, in a similar luxurious fabric. Add a few pillows to a sofa and you have transformed your living room decor.

Wall Covers: Use decorative wall hangings on the walls in your living room decorating ideas. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. Decorate with matching paper lamp shades.

Colourful Curtains: Hang curtains in interesting shapes and designs. Use lace and ribbon to tie print curtain panels together. Choose fabric colours which compliment your wall colour palette. If you have dark wallpaper, paint the wall a pale shade of the same colour so as to open the room up visually. White or light pastel colours can be used on the walls.

Decorative Bookshelves: Choose a colourful display for your bookshelves. Try to find large enough picture shelves so that your books can be easily visible. Place decorative bookshelves against a wall, so that they accent the architecture of your room. Use unique glass holders for your books so that they do not get lost in the bottom of the shelf.

Lighting: A well-lighted living room will create a relaxing ambiance in your home. Use adjustable track lighting to illuminate your sofa and comfortable seating areas. Floor lamps can also add light to a dark living room. Floor lights should be flush against a wall to minimize eye strain and keep your living room decor contemporary. Consider floor lamps with a pendant light, which casts soft, dim light over a section of a room.

When planning your living room decor, you have many design decisions to make. It is important to make these decisions carefully so that you do not buy something out of place. Keep in mind that the items you choose for your living room decor should harmonize with the style and feel of the rest of your home. Once you have your living room decor in place, you will enjoy the experience of being able to relax in your new space.

Furniture: Living room decor items should coordinate with the furniture you already have in your living room. You will want to avoid clutter with contemporary furniture because it tends to look messy. Keep in mind what pieces of furniture you want to purchase for your living room to complement the style you have chosen for your home. For example, if you have selected an oak sideboard with a glass top on a contemporary style table, match the style of the sideboard with the table and with the other furnishings in the room such as the chairs and the end tables. In this way, you can ensure that your living room decor items match.

Artwork: You may choose to add art to your living room to bring a touch of the arts into your space. If you have an eye for great artwork, consider purchasing contemporary oil paintings or other types of framed art for your living room. Framed art works in a contemporary style provide you with a beautiful display. Oil paintings provide a beautiful way to enjoy a beautiful work of art without having to pay top dollar for the piece. Contemporary artwork can also be used as a focal point in a particular corner of the room.

Antiques: If you enjoy collecting and finding old pieces of furniture, consider adding vintage teak coffee tables, cast iron bar stools, and even a set of antique sofas to your collection. Each piece of furniture you add should be paired with a unique characteristic of your own choosing. Antiques look wonderful with a cream accent wall and black upholstered furniture. They look wonderful with a walnut accent wall and a leather couch. Vintage furniture also provides a warm and inviting feeling that is perfect for a contemporary home.

Living room decor items are really just an addition to your living room. You want them to compliment the style and design you have chosen for your home. Keep in mind your goal for the room before you shop. Then, choose furniture that is not only rich in design, but comfortable as well. Your home decor needs to speak to you and be a place where you want to spend time, relax, and be happy.

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Living Room Decor Contemporary

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