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How To Paint Wood Furniture To Create A New Look

The beginner woodworker might want to consider learning how to paint wood furniture. Primer may not be required on all surfaces but if there is a matte or non-colored surface, even painting with a semi-gloss topcoat, a primer would be recommended. Other materials may be used for priming. Resin may be used as an effective primer, however, it is usually quite thick and should only be used as a final layer over the painted wood.

It is best to apply a high quality wood paint with the proper primer first. The best paint will seal and protect your investment for years. It is a pain to find pieces of wood furniture that have sustained damage due to a scratched finish or stained finish. Once a beautiful piece of furniture has sustained damage from scratched finishes or stains, it no longer looks the same as it did when it was brand new.

Most hardware stores and automotive supply stores carry the best paint available for the wood finish that you are seeking. If you are looking for a professional grade paint then you need to take a look at the finish that the two uses on their work. There are several different types of wood furniture paint available. Some of them are high gloss, semi-gloss, and even low gloss.

High gloss furniture paint is the top choice of many people when they want a professional looking finish on their painted furniture. The high gloss finish gives a rich natural sheen to the wood while maintaining its integrity. This type of finish is used on cabinets, dining tables, and many other painted furniture pieces. It is also possible to find high gloss paint for tabletops and accent tables.

Semi-gloss furniture paint is a nice middle ground option. It gives a medium gloss to the wood while still allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. The semi-gloss finish is great for painted accent tables and coffee tables. One of the best benefits about this type of wood furniture paint is that it is easy to touch up scratches and small imperfections. Even the biggest imperfection can easily be covered up with a simple touch up.

Low gloss is a very popular choice for people who are looking to get a flat, matte appearance to their painted furniture. Because of the gloss of the finish it can easily be blended into the surrounding wood tone. Low gloss makes painting furniture very visually appealing. When choosing low gloss you need to choose a darker shade of color for your piece than you would for a piece that is high gloss.

Latex paint is a popular type of furniture paint for many homeowners. It gives a high gloss, smooth finish to any painted item. Using latex paint allows you to create a custom look for your item because you control how much color is added and how much will stay on the surface of the item. One of the best benefits of latex paint is the wide range of colors and shades it offers. Latex paint can even be used to create a water-resistant finish on painted objects.

If you are looking to change the appearance of your painted furniture without having to re-staining or repainting then you should consider applying an oil basedpatina to your piece. An oil basedpatina is simply a rich gold shine that can easily be applied over any color of stain. Before applying a patina it is important that you test a small area of your furniture so you know how it will react with the color of your stain. Patina can take several weeks to develop so make sure you are prepared and will be able to wait that long for your shiny new piece of furniture to appear. Patina has a very warm, velvety feel to it that some people love and hate, while others prefer its glossy sheen.

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How To Paint Wood Furniture

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