French Country Furniture – A Guide To Creating The Look

French Country Furniture: French country decor is all about warmth, richness, and simple elegance. You can create a French Country Home decorating theme, just like the great French designers did hundreds of years ago. The good news is that this type of decor is now very popular throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Even if you don’t live in France, French country furniture makes a charming addition to any home. Here are some tips on creating the cozy, inviting environment you’re looking for in your own home.

French country cottage home decor is an ideal expression of shabby chic meets European sophistication. With its mix of rustic elements, French country furniture gives you a warm and inviting feel. French furniture is at once traditional and timeless, combining a timeless design with a contemporary feel. French furniture generally combines hand-crafted wood with high quality fabrics for a sturdy, comfortable feel.

Use shabby chic wooden accents to pull the whole look together. Rustic distressed woods, white brambles, and black ottomans are popular choices for creating the look. You can use a combination of these decorative accents for a one-of-a-kind look. Or, keep it very simple with just a few pieces of solid wood and glassware. If you really want to create a distinctive French country look, add a few accessories, like vintage lace and old painted floral prints on solid wood pieces.
French Country Furniture
Choose a color palette that ties your French country decor together. Look for warm browns, creams, burnt yellows, and soft earthy tones. Look for decorative accents that evoke the rustic or vintage appeal of this style, such as old painted floral prints or roosters. You can coordinate your rustic decorating theme by using floral prints on your table linen and candles shaped in the birds or animals that are found in the woods. You can even use vintage lace to create a chandelier shade on a wide mirror or wall hanging.

Themes can be used to create the mood for the entire room, or you may prefer to focus on one focal point. An ornate brass candelabra can enhance the feeling of an old Tuscan home. Other options include a wrought iron candle holder with a rustic brass shade, or a large intricately carved mirror that features wood detail. In keeping with the theme of old French country, choose French doors with a timeless brass or iron hardware.

Another key element of rustic French country is the use of wooden accents, especially on the walls. Think of turning a basic wood color into a pop of color by using an aged white painted frame on a wall. Sculpture of wood, especially original works, can add an air of age and culture to a room as well. You might choose to be featuring fruit, leaves, flowers, baskets or other rustic elements to enhance your rustic French country interior design theme.

You want to bring the outdoors inside with your rustic French country home decor. Choose cushions and throws that are embellished with a few flecks of thatch or whitewashed wooden hickory. You will also want to choose tablecloths and napkins with a hint of thatch or whitewash to enhance your French country decor. Add beautiful centerpieces to your buffet table or wall that feature bowls or figurines made of thatch or other natural sources of timber.

Decorating with natural materials is extremely important when creating your rustic French country style. By incorporating natural materials, you will give your rustic French furniture items a true French countryside look, with a touch of your own personality added to the mix. Try using decorative accents made of thatch, wood, and different colored wood to complement your French country furniture pieces. The Richardson says that to truly enjoy the richardine taste of French furniture, you must “immerse yourself in its glory.”

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