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Choosing Distressed Bedroom Furniture Home Decor

Distressed Bedroom Furniture Home Decor consists of furniture with a distressed, worn appearance. Distressed finishing is meant to give your piece of bedroom furniture with an aged or weathered look when you put it into your room. The way furniture stores handle this distressed finish can either add character to a room, or rob it of its character altogether. It’s important to know what type of distressed furniture will look best in your bedroom. Knowing what kind of finish your furniture has will help determine how it will ultimately end up in your room.

There are two types of distressed bedroom furniture. The first type is the classic shabby chic style. This kind of distressed furniture comes in very light fabrics with worn, crease stains or faded paint. It’s commonly found in French provincial homes, and because of this it is quite timeless. Characterized by a French provincial or country kitchen with heavily used wooden storage drawers and shelves for food, linen, linens and small pieces, the shabby chic look is appropriate for almost any French home. Distressed antique shabby chic dressers and closets are a great choice for a shabby chic bedroom set.

Bedroom sets with distressed wooden furniture are ideal for either dressing or grooming areas, and for use on either side of a mirror as well as in front of a dressing mirror. If you want to create an illusion of space in a smaller room, consider purchasing a dining room dresser with distressed legs and top. This type of distressed furniture can serve as an accent piece or serve as the primary piece of bedroom furniture in a smaller space.
Distressed Bedroom Furniture
When selecting distressed bedroom furniture, you need to consider several aspects. First of all, the distressed look must be as neutral as possible. So, if you’re looking for an L-shaped dresser, select one that doesn’t have legs that are bent or jutting out. Ideally, your distressed bedroom furniture will not take attention away from the rest of your furniture. Select simple and basic colors – you don’t need to over-do it – and make sure the finish is easy to clean and resistant to dust and sunlight.

Next, you should take special care when choosing a mattress. When using an unstaged bed, make sure the box spring is sturdy and has plenty of “give.” This will help prevent sagging, especially during the day. Even if you’re using a high quality mattress, it’s also important that you choose a box spring that supports your body while you sleep. Otherwise, you might wake up with back pain or leg pain, which can negatively affect your enjoyment of your new bedroom design.

Another aspect of this furniture that you should consider is the finish of the furniture itself. While many people still choose white bedroom furniture for its timeless elegance and simplicity, today’s furniture comes in a variety of colors. For instance, there’re black , red furniture, natural wood furniture, wicker furniture, and more. No matter what color you prefer, remember that white is still the most popular color among consumers, so you’ll want to select white finish Distressed bedroom sets.

Of course, in addition to the piece of distressed furniture itself, you’ll also want to select the right accessories. For example, if you’re using wicker or other natural wood pieces, you should include a bedside table, a mirror, and a hutch. Additionally, if you’re using metal bedroom furniture, you should include dresser and chests of drawers.

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match different types of wood in your distressed furniture. As long as they’re all in the same color family, you’ll be able to use almost any shade or texture to create a unique look. In fact, you may even want to purchase more than one distressed piece to use throughout your home. The most important thing is that you make use of the pieces you purchase wisely, and this will help you achieve the modern look you desire in all rooms of your house.

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