Brighten Your Bedroom With A Shabby Chic Headboard

The bedroom is the spot where we of course sleep and can be ourselves and unwind, read a book, watch video. This room should be comfortable, peaceful and welcoming. Shabby chic can make this possible. To turn your room into a sanctuary start with changing the mattress. If you have any intriguing items, wooden doors, or a metal door, you could transform it in into a headboard.

Next pay attention to bedding. Pillow-cases and bedding should be of a material that’s not hard but frilly. Lace and other cloths with ruffled borders or perimeter works nicely. Throw a handmade afghan at the base of the bed. Do not be deterred from mixing materials and patterns, for example, velvet with tweed and chiffon with cotton. As long as the colour scheme blends it will seem fantastic.

Recall that shabby chic usually uses the colour white, pastels, flowery colours and designs, when picking your colour scheme. Pick colours that are yellow, green and baby blue or you could simply stick with cream-white: a lot depends upon what sorts of accessories and furnishings are being employed. For those who have any items you want to convert to your own fresh theme, paint them white. Look for classic things like iron photo frames and a flowery wash bowl, for accessorizing your room.

Lighting sets the mood. Why not try hanging a small chandelier over your mattress?

Some Designs and Ideas for Shabby Chic Headboards





Shabby Chic Headboard

Latest Update: Monday, September 26, 2022