Style Up Your Bedroom With A Vintage Bed

Fabulous Vintage Beds For Your Kids Rooms

The look and feel of vintage beds are both stylish and richly fulfilling. Today’s vintage style beds are as attractive as they were decades ago, when they were first introduced to the market. You can bring the look and feel of the past into your own home without spending a fortune. Vintage Beds give you the convenience and warmth of the past while preserving its timeless beauty. While searching for vintage beds, consider the space at your disposal and the look you want to create. Once you have decided what design fits your room best, you can choose from a wide variety of Vintage Beds that can be used for traditional design or contemporary design.

Choosing the right Vintage Bed is crucial to the entire feel of your room. Although contemporary styles can easily become overworked and crowded, shabby chic looks can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bedroom. Vintage beds are often designed with higher backs, deeper sets, and high backed cushions. While you are browsing through trendy selection of Vintage Beds, utilize filtering options to find all the Beds styles, sizes, materials, colors, and so much more that have to offer.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture: The warm earth tones of the rustic furniture will make your Vintage Bed a cozy retreat for two. Rustic furniture can be paired with modern vanities and soft furnishings such as shabby chic furniture. Your rustic bedroom will feel like a genuine antique showroom as it features heavy knobs, hand carved wood surfaces, and hand sewn patterns that are reminiscent of bygone eras.

If you love the look and feel of the classic bed but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, you should consider purchasing a reproduction vintage piece. It’s not difficult to find reproductions that offer the same warmth and charm as a vintage bed. In fact, a quick online search at any specialty bedroom store or an auction website is sure to turn up many vintage reproductions that will blend in perfectly with your rustic theme. Shopping for vintage furniture pieces online will save you from having to head to antique shops in your area. You will also save on gas money, since you won’t have to make several trips across town. Some online stores even offer free shipping, no matter what size or item you buy.

Vintage Dresser: A vintage dresser is a must have in a person’s rustic bedroom. They provide storage for your linens and clothing. Choosing one with an old-fashioned design can help you add a bit of character to your room. Dressers made from solid wood and painted finishes are a great addition to any home. Wood is a timeless material that ages beautifully. If you are looking for a dresser that screams quality, then look for a dresser with a wooden frame and a thick drawer panel.

Bedroom Tables and Chairs: Rustic tables and chairs are perfect in any bedroom. They add warmth and charm to the room while making it functional at the same time. Vintage styles add old-fashioned charm to your kid’s room as well.

Nightstands and End tables: Rustic bedroom furniture should always match the colors of the walls and the linens. Choose an end table with leaves for a dramatic touch. The nightstand should have enough depth for a stack of magazines and have a great wooden base with a drawstring tie. These pieces will help keep clutter at bay while providing functionality in your bedroom. Rustic furniture can be expensive but it’s worth the price if it adds old-fashioned charm to your family’s bedroom.

Vintage Beds: Give your bedroom a touch of old-fashioned elegance with these fantastic selections. With so many different choices, it’s easy to find the perfect vintage piece to fit into your home. Vintage beds are not made of cheap wood that will warp after only a few years. They are solid, sturdy beds made from quality wood that will last a lifetime. Consider investing in a vintage iron bed for a charming touch in your bedroom.

Vintage-style is useful in the bed room, making a classic romantic design that is certain to please, and won’t ever date: and the simplest way to do this is to install a vintage bed. You also can create a room that evokes reminiscences of wonderful and old flower summer days. Heaps of classic cushions spread on the vintage bed, sepia- colored family photographs or carefully chosen cina and ornaments can all join to offer a cozy refuge where you feel totally at ease and can relax.
Whether your personal style in bed linen is for crisp cotton sheets, smothered vintage quilts and eiderdowns, or by warm woollen blankets, fabric plays a vital role, equally ornamental and practical, in everybody’s bedroom. Even though we tend to suppose that vintage is very pretty, feminine and largely flowery there’s no reason why you need to select solid colours – consider Amish quilts and Welsh blankets. This form of bedlinen can be extremely powerful in a basic white-painted area as it offers you instant impact, heat and colour.Vintage Beds

Many do not feel at all confident about blending different fabric designs in one-room.  It is possible to happily blend stripes with flowery prints and other colours if you bear in mind two factors – the comparable measurements of the material patterns, and the colours within them. To get an idea of how the structure will look, choose samples of the materials you adore, scatter them around the room without actively making decisions about what appears best where and then move them around. This way you’ll make new discoveries.

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Vintage Beds

Vintage Beds

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