Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby Chic Living Room Decor Ideas For Anyone Looking to Refine Their Look

Shabby Chic lends itself to a variety of decorating schemes. In this article, I will share with you a decorating idea for a charming Shabby Chic living room. Shabby chic is very stylish and sophisticated for your tiny living room as long as you remember to arrange it to look as you would in an ordinary, well-used home. With its natural lines and soft furnishings, this design style exudes a cozy atmosphere. You need a few key items to pull this off:

If you wish to bring some vintage charm into your home, then you must definitely add in shabby chic living room furniture pieces. These can be a mix of antique pieces from your family’s history – such as a rocking chair or a toy chest – along with new pieces that fit the theme of the decorating scheme. You may want to consider a little boho style, with touches of vintage India style fabrics or toile textiles. Or go with the more modern take on this style, with clean lines and minimal decorative motifs.

Your shabby chic living room will look best when coordinated with a distressed, brown leather couch, with floral prints and velvet curtains as window treatments. You can also use a runner with a floral print as a center piece on one side of the couch. You may want to add an accent wall in this room, and a corbie shelf or a boho lamp on another wall. Corbies were originally made from wood that had been painted black – hence the name – to keep the furniture from scratching.
Shabby Chic Living Room
There are several ways to incorporate this look into your home, but the most popular is to create a shabby chic entryway style. In this design, a worn, weathered or distressed area of your home is highlighted in a subtle way. One idea is to highlight a period piece of furniture, such as an old chair or bed. You could then apply faded or creased fabric to the piece in a coordinating color, or even paint it. This creates a beautiful effect that will be inviting and warm – perfect for a shabby chic living room!

Another way to create the shabby chic look is to use light grays and earth tones in your decor. This mix of colors makes everything more subtle and inviting. You could use a light blue couch with an earthy, weathered cloth pattern on the back, or use a quilted patterned rugs on the walls. You might even choose to add a plant to bring in some greenery and botanical elements to the space.

Once you have your basic furniture pieces in place, you need to establish your color palette. You can choose a monochromatic color palette such as black, white, brown and tan, or you can match a bold color palette like red, orange, yellow and green. Once you have established your color palette, you can move on to adding other elements to your space. Remember, the goal is to create a charming, comfortable oasis that invites people into your home to feel at home.

In addition to choosing the right furniture pieces, another great shabby chic style tip is to use accents throughout your home in the same style. For example, throw pillows or fabrics covered in a shabby chic print are perfect for your living room. Accents can also include framed photos, a few vintage paintings or even a sculpture that helps bring your space together. One great way to show off your accent collection is to frame an art print or wood-carved picture in your living room. Just remember not to overdo it or your living room will lose its charm.

Although you do want to keep the furniture and decorating accessories simple, there are some great ways to add that finishing touch to your space. One popular choice that evokes both a fun and romantic ambiance is a distressed finish on antique coffee tables. This distressed look gives your furniture a worn and weathered look that makes it one of the perfect Shabby Chic living room decor ideas for anyone interested in nostalgia without being too much of a shabby chic purist. Another choice for updating an outdated space is to add vintage-looking curtains or a shabby chic wall clock. These are two timeless options that give your home a touch of updated charm while making it a stylish, modern space.

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