How to Create the Shabby Chic Bedroom

Often you will see many different retro or vintage elements being incorporated into a shabby chic interior design. Retro and vintage elements are usually defined by a simple and clean aesthetic. Natural materials and rough finishes are very well suited to a shabby chic style. Wood, lace, velvet and even fabric are commonly used to create this look.

This style is often used to create a warm and cozy living room. You can achieve this simply by adding distressed furniture pieces, weathered antiques and natural materials like wood and linen. Remember to stay away from using bright and shiny finishes because they will not only overwhelm the room, but also make it look overcrowded. Adding distressed wood furniture, weathered fabric and weathered wood vases can give your shabby chic living room a vintage charm and classiness. You can use a distressed weathered mirror and distressed accent tables to add some depth and texture to the room. You can add floral accents like flowers in small pots on top of wooden table.

If you are working with an existing entryway, you may find that you can easily achieve a shabby chic style by choosing weathered wood furniture and then distressed the doors. The doors can be left in their natural state or you can use chipboard as a way of adding depth and texture to the door. Another way of adding this style in the entryway is by painting the doorway so that you have wood trim and wood blinds on the outside of the door. You can then leave the door open, revealing the chipped paint which provides the worn look.
Shabby Chic
Shabby chic furniture is also very easy to integrate into your current decorating. For example, you can create a lovely shabby chic entryway by combining pale blue distressed furniture with lots of weathered wood pieces, a weathered glass vase and floral accents. The shabby chic furniture will help to bring out the country charm in the home while at the same time creating the environment for a relaxing tea or coffee shop. Potted plants on top of the pale blue distressed furniture will create an inviting environment. Add vintage magazines for more of a country feel.

If you have a contemporary home, you can bring the shabby chic style into the dining room by adding a lot of stainless steel appliances. The kitchen can also have this type of look installed in the countertop with a couple of designer cutlery and serving dishes. To finish off the dining room, you can get shabby chic cutlery and crockery. You could also create a lovely shabby chic home office by using modern light bulbs and a contemporary desk. Incorporate some interesting wall hangings and photos of your family and friends.

Shabby bathrooms can really make a statement when they are painted with complimentary feminine colors and decorated with coordinating feminine pieces. A great way to create a feminine bathroom is to paint one wall in a bright color and the other in a softer shade. Pair bold bathroom vanities with neutral bath towels and a few complimentary floral prints. You could then get a set of handbags that are in the fuchsia shade and add some feminine accessories, such as a framed painting or a potted plant. Add floral spa towels to keep the bathroom smelling like the spa.

For a masculine shabby chic bedroom, go for a rich wood furniture with a dark green accent. You may want to choose a masculine vanity and flooring that has a brown tinge to it. For more of a rustic feel, choose items with rugged finishes and include a couple of wooden bar stools in the design, as well as old world hardware on the walls. Make sure all the pieces you choose match in style and use the same rustic colors.

Shabby Chic furniture is a great way to create the perfect shabby chic bedroom. When you go to buy furniture, you’ll want to think about how you envision your bedroom when you are in it. You can paint one wall in the shade of your choice and then finish the room off with a painted frame or distressed wood trim. You can also choose to use a neutral color on the walls and add accent pieces on the bed, such as a painted mirror or a hand-painted wood cabinet. With the right decorating and lighting ideas, you can create the perfect shabby chic bedroom.

Shabby Chic Living Room Decorating Ideas

Shabby Chic has become an incredibly popular interior design style that is known for its ability to create cozy, rustic homes that are both beautifully decorated and very easy to maintain. With the style, you have the opportunity to combine contemporary design elements with items found in country homes. Shabby Chic is certainly one of the most versatile interior design styles available in homes today. The style is defined by a simple and elegant aesthetic without a lot of frills or “flash.” Natural materials, natural finishes and gently worn surfaces and distressed finishes work very well with this style.

In Shabby Chic decorating, distressed and aged wood surfaces, worn paint and distressed wood are used extensively. A distressed finish simply means that the finish has been worn and is no longer pristine. Some people like the distressed look because it is not as strong or obvious as a paint job that is done professionally. Another great thing about using Shabby Chic is that it is extremely affordable, so you do not have to worry about replacing expensive furniture. You can create a beautiful Shabby Chic home decorating style on a budget if you follow the Shabby Chic furniture design plan and stay away from expensive products such as real wood.

You may be surprised at how many beautiful Shabby Chic pieces you can find if you spend just a little time looking. One way to make your living room more Shabby chic is by choosing fabrics in rich dark hues such as chocolate brown or ebony gray. These fabrics will provide a warm, cozy and comforting environment that is very Shabby chic. Another way to achieve a Shabby chic look in your living room is by using ornate mirrors with lace and ribbon effects. Choose delicate silks and brocade curtains to accent the beauty of your mirrors.

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