Log Furniture – Bring the Southwest Look Into Your Home With Rustic Cabin Furniture

Rustic log furniture is becoming more popular for people around the world. In America, this type of furniture is especially popular for homes and outdoor living spaces. Log furniture has a unique look that makes it perfect for country homes and small apartments. You can make your own rustic log furniture or buy rustic furnishings in hardware stores and furniture stores throughout your country.

The term “log” comes from the word “log” and the word “wood,” which gives the product its log-like appearance. Many types of woods are used to manufacture rustic furniture; however, oak, pine, ash, maple, mahogany, cherry, elm and ash are among the most common woods used. Different wood characteristics can be seen in each piece. You may notice knots or crevices in the wood, visible when the piece is viewed closely. These natural wood characteristics add character to rustic furniture that makes the pieces unique and one-of-a-kind.

Create a natural and cozy feel in your home with rustic furniture like accent tables and benches, hand-crafted rustic furniture like chairs and tables, and rustic bedding. Use accessories to dress up your pieces. You can build a customized and personalized set of rustic accent tables that match or contrast with your decor, choosing accessories that compliment and enhance your accent tables. You can also have accent tables custom made to add a focal point to a large corner or to create an intricate focal point in your rustic bedroom furniture.
log furniture
Rustic benches and chairs with a log motif add style to your cabin or rustic retreat. There are several selections of rustic bench styles including: gliders, round, rectangular, square and rectangle with or without arms. Rustic benches are available in several natural colors such as: yellow, brown, gray, green, blue, chestnut, apple green and tan. Rustic chairs come in round, square, rectangular, oval and square. Rustic bedroom chairs are available in: wooden, wicker, rattan and all natural fibers.

Create a southwest style in your decor by using southwestern style rustic furniture like cedar log furniture, cowboy-style and western laredo furniture, American Indian drums, and handmade pottery. Western-style log furniture is hand crafted from cedar logs. Western-style furnishings are also available in: western coat frames, western coffee table, wall and floor pillows, coffee table and foot stool sets, western bookcases, rustic lighting, western lighting fixtures, western candle holders, and western lighting tables. To complement your rustic furniture you can use southwestern accessories such as: Native American baskets, hand made baskets, pottery, leather decorative pillows and many more. You can bring the southwest style of decorating to your home by adding the cedar wood furniture.

Cedar log furniture is crafted from sturdy Douglas fir lumber with tiny natural knots and burls. The burls add texture to the wood and bring out the natural beauty and grain of the wood. The small natural knots in burls make these pieces unique. Handcrafted burls of this nature can be found at fine furniture stores and also online. Some of the most popular burls include Red Cedar, White Cedar, Heart pine, Mountain Pine, Pinot Mountain Cedar, White Cedar, Incense Cedar, Redoya, Incense Cedar, Heart pine, Mountain Pine, and more.

You can dress up your rustic or western furniture tables and chairs with Indian themed tables and seating. The Indian look is simply Indian in its appearance. With a variety of tableware and rustic chairs available you will have a hard time choosing just one or two pieces to pair with your tables and chairs. If you want to add some color to your outdoor decor then choose a few Indian painted pieces and place them on your tables. If you have a more modern feel to your space then try looking at Indian textiles and southwestern style rugs.

Rustic cabin furniture is a great way to bring southwest style into your home. When shopping for your rustic retreat you will find that you can buy tables, chairs, and rustic sofas all made from wood. You will even find tables and rustic wooden chairs that come with a beautiful Indian style knot and burr wood burl top. Look for an Indian style tableware such as a log-end table, a wooden burr table, or an Indian sand-colored tablecloth.

Distressed Furniture Basics

Diverse individuals, even among your friends, might have a favorite piece of antique or old fashioned distressing furniture. This type of furniture could be a coffee table, an Ottoman, a side table or even a bench. It might also be a distressing chest, with an upper opening for a magazine or newspaper. The design of the piece of furniture has a certain characteristic that makes it stand out in the crowd. Some Distressed Furniture posses unique features like wooden carvings, metal filigree work, wicker works, wrought iron details, or even velvet accents. It is true that each Distressed Furniture item has its own distinctive style, however, one common element among all Distressed Furniture is their timeless appeal and distinction from contemporary furniture styles.

The art of distressing furniture dates back to the renaissance era when craftsmen were building castles and churches from scratch. During this time period, the furniture pieces were made from wood that was freshly cut from the trees. This new and unique way of creating beautiful furniture inspired the use of distressing in the crafting of furniture as well. Distressing methods include using different chemicals, using different kinds of liquids and polishes and using different techniques. With the advent of modern times and advancements in technology, different techniques as well as chemicals have been developed to enhance the look of Distressed Furniture and give it an exclusive finishing.

The Distressed look was further enhanced during the Victorian era. Victorian distressing furniture featured a textured, lightly sanded finish. This textured, lightly sanded finish gave the piece a worn look, creating an antique appeal. Today, you can still find Distressed Furniture pieces that have a textured, lightly sanded finish and are often available in antique shops and flea markets.

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