Log Beds and Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Are you in search for rustic bedroom furniture? Then, log beds are just what you are looking for. They give you the traditional charm of our country while still bringing along the modern comforts of the 21st century. Rustic bed furniture is great for your bedroom, because it gives a very warm and relaxing feel to your bedroom. To give a more detailed idea about these beds, scroll down and take a look at the following features which make up this type of furniture.

When you go out to buy log furniture, you will notice that these types of furniture comes in various sizes, shapes and colors. This means that there are log beds for every need and purpose. Whether you want something that can be put as a side table or an end table, or if you need a small sofa for your sitting room, you will find a lot of different kinds of furniture to choose from. High resolution pictures bring more details of log beds to your home.

There are various kinds of rustic wood that makes up this type of furniture. Some examples are elm, maple, walnut, heart pine and Aspen. The heart pine and elm are best for making handmade log furniture while the walnut, maple and oak are better suited for making factory made furniture. There are several styles of log furniture, you can choose from. These include contemporary, country, southwestern, western and Asian influenced varieties.

One of the most popular varieties of log beds is a traditional design. It usually consists of two pieces; a bed frame made of wood, which is then turned to become a single piece of log furniture. These types of cabin beds are best used as an extra sleeping space. You can also use it as a day couch by placing chairs or stools on the side. If you want to create a rustic look in your log home, a wooden rocking chair is perfect to complement your style.

Rustic Bedroom Beds Northern White Cedar is some of the most popular wood varieties used to make rustic beds. They have a natural beauty that makes them so beautiful. If you want your bedroom to have a natural feel, try using white cedar. This wood has a lovely grain that will bring out the natural beauty of your furniture.

Log bed frames made of cedar are very popular because they have a lovely natural look and come in many beautiful shades and finishes. Rustic furniture made out of cedar also tends to be very comfortable. Because of their natural color, cedar beds go with any decor. It is also easier to maintain and clean rustic furniture than other woods like pine.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Rustic kitchen cabinetry is made out of wood. There are two types of wood used to make rustic furniture. One type is softwoods. Hardwoods are stronger and work well in homes that have heavy meals. Pine, cedar, redwood, hemlock, elm, cypress, and maple are hardwoods. Rustic kitchen cabinetry can be used for either the dining room or just a place to display your China and collectibles.

Rustic Bedroom Tables add elegance to any room. You can find rustic bedroom furniture made out of cedar, redwood, maple, oak, walnut, birch, bamboo, cherry, etc. Your choice depends on the theme you want to achieve and the colors in your room. Accent tables are a must if you plan to use a rustic style throughout your home. Bedroom accent tables come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes. You will be able to find one that fits into the space you have available and fits in with the rustic furniture pieces you already own.

Give Your Bedroom a Distressed Look

Give your home unique texture with distressed bedroom furniture specifically designed and created to make a bold statement in your room. Distressed look is a popular method to accentuate classical furniture pieces, such as a grand bed frame, large dresser, long chest or even end tables. For the best results, buy pieces that are made of solid wood and embellishments, rather than pressed paper stock products. Solid wood means it’s stronger and will last longer. These finishes help give your distressed furniture piece a personality.

You can get the feel of a country farmhouse right at your front door by choosing one of many choices of distressed bedroom furniture sets that includes a large bed, an end table and matching dresser. Add some colorful floral prints or distressed furniture with pebbles or metal strips to give your room a rustic country feel. Distressed dressing table tops add a decorative touch and provide comfort as well. When selecting the best distressed furniture for your bedroom, be sure to choose a dark stain color to hide imperfections and highlight the beauty of the wood grain. Look for products made of solid wood to ensure quality and durability.

Distressed bedside cabinets provide a utilitarian solution to a cluttered bedroom. A distressed dresser looks much like an antique piece of furniture. The wood is highly polished and may have been painted or stained in a time-honored way. Distressed beds often have arms on the top of the bed for added support and functionality. These beds are easy to find and affordable, making it a great choice for any size bed.

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