Distressing Furniture and Distressing Wood

Many people, when they are thinking about a new design concept for their home decor, don’t give much thought to DIY distressing. Distressed Furniture is often put into the trash with little thought. When I say much thought, I mean giving it some thought. This article is not intended to malign DIY furniture, or to suggest that DIY home decorating is bad.

The term Distressed Furniture refers specifically to the use of a rag and wood glue or wood stain to apply finish to unfinished wood pieces, usually a dining room table or dresser. Often, after doing this, homeowners realize that they want a different finish on their piece. Some even use sandpaper or metal scouring pad on the piece to give it a worn look. A distressed piece can be designed in many different techniques, but there are four techniques commonly used.

Sanding Distressed Furniture When using this distressing furniture technique, homeowners start by preparing the wood pieces that will be affected by the finish. The first thing to do is clean the surface and dust off any dirt, sandpaper, or metal scouring pad. If this step is skipped, you’ll miss a very important part of finishing the piece – the pores. These are the small holes or cracks that allow the stain to seep in.

After cleaning the surfaces, any loose dirt is removed, then the piece is prepped for painting. Most people start with a coat of primer, which gives color to the surface and makes it easier for the paint to stick. Once primed, the Distressing Furniture Technique is started. This involves rubbing the stain with coarse-grit sandpaper to remove the excess color and allow the stain to settle in. Once the stain has settled, wiping is done using a rag and then painting the piece begins.

Oiling and Distressing This Distressing Furniture Technique is ideal for a fresh paint project. This distressed look will allow you to create an antique effect, adding interest to a new piece. For this Distressing Furniture Technique, oiling over the entire surface of the piece is done in stages to achieve the distressed look. Each layer of oiling adds a different shade to the piece and helps create the distressed look.
Chalk Style Paint Colors Many homeowners choose chalk style paint colors when working with distressed furniture because the chalks have a subtlety that other paint colors don’t have. These chalk style paint colors are great for painting a piece that is already painted. The chalks can be applied using a brush or roller. A paint sprayer works well for applying the chalks once they are dry.

Epoxy Resin The epoxy resin is applied to the piece as an additional layer, after the Distressing Furniture Technique is applied. After the resin is applied, the item is allowed to dry until the resins are completely absorbed into the wood. This helps give the distressed piece a finished look, as there is no need for wet sanding.

Epoxy Resin is best used on painted wood items and metal items that have a distressed look. Applying the coating is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. A single coat of this epoxy resin will give your item a rustic look, while helping it to resist moisture and termites. Using the epoxy resin on metal items will give it a painted finish, while leaving the wood distressed. It will provide a beautiful rustic finish, while keeping the item durable and safe. There is no need to paint over damaged wood, when you use the epoxy resin coating.


If you have ever been in a rural farmhouse or in an old country house, you may have observed that the people there use distressed furniture as part of their rustic or country decoration style. Such furniture looks really great and you will find no better option for creating a natural and cozy feel in your living room or dinning room. If you want to decorate your kitchen with this type of furniture, there are many ways in which you can do it. There are various types of distressed furniture including the following: distressed furniture, country furniture, antique furniture, and the rest. Let us take a look at each class of this type of furniture and how it can help you in creating a beautiful environment within your home.

Distressed kitchen furniture is ideal to give a farmhouse or country feel to your kitchen since most often such furniture is made up of distressed metal or wood. The most popular distressed furniture includes the following: old-fashioned chairs, old-fashioned dining chairs, country furniture, farmhouse chairs, and country-style tables and chairs. As you can see, these types of furniture to create a country or rural feeling to your kitchen which will be sure to bring out a cozy and warm atmosphere in your kitchen. If you want to give an aged feel to your kitchen, you can purchase antique furniture which will go well with the distressed furniture that you already have in your kitchen.

In addition to the above, you can even purchase distressed kitchen chairs that are perfect for a farmhouse theme. In fact, distressed kitchen chairs are usually used to create a more casual yet cozy and comfortable atmosphere in a dining area. Some examples of chairs that you can find are: distressed wood chair, distressed metal kitchen chairs, old-fashioned chair, and so on.



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