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Improve Your Shabby Chic Décor With Rustic Mirrors


Mirrors perform a significant role in your rustic decor by visually opening up rooms and adding reflected light. A well positioned mirror can reflect an exterior view as well as an area inside like a candle group or a fireplace or vase of flowers. Be particularly careful where you place a mirror with reference to what it is reflecting. For example if you’ve a space of the home that has a tendency to get messy like a coat-rack etc., don’t place your mirror so it reflects that area. Reflecting lamp-light or window light can sometimes makes dark areas, including hall edges, brighter. You can find now some attractive selections available on the market that work superbly with the pastoral decorating styles of country cottage decor, mountain lodge decoration and american ranch decoration.

rustic-mirror10A reflection that is pastoral and is large may be your room’s focal point. These large mirrors are big enough to really make a statement at a very acceptable price. Select where you would like to place a mirror and then locate a mirror that suits that room and is the right contour for the area. Little mirrors are great in areas that are small but for larger wall areas select a bigger reflective surface that is balanced to the space involved.

The mirror glass can be beveled or plain. Beveled mirrors get an additional border for added lustre in your room. Any big mirror must be very securely hung onto the wall. Your mirror will last for a long time and be an excellent choice in your interior decor once it is safely fastened.

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