Distressed Home Decor

Distressed Home Decor – How Distressed Home Furnishings Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Home

Whether you’re buying distressed furniture or buying new, there are a few tips that can help ensure your distressed decor style doesn’t end up looking cheap. Buying new and distressed furniture isn’t necessarily a bad choice; it just means you have to be aware of what you’re buying. There are some major differences between new and distressed furniture that you need to be aware of so that you can choose the best option for your needs. When you’re buying used, it’s important to get the facts first.
Buying distressed furniture means that you’re buying used – plain and simple. If you’re new to the furniture industry or if you’re an experienced trader, you’ll know that buying used usually means paying a reduced price for poor quality, meaning that you can still get a good bargain.

But buying new means that you’re not paying top dollar for a poor quality item that was poorly built to begin with; that’s what new furniture is for. The key difference between distressed and new furniture is that distressed furniture tends to be made from inferior materials, has been repainted multiple times, and may even have seen better days (in the good old days). Whereas new furniture tends to be solid, well built, and constructed out of durable materials that have been well cared for, in most cases.
One of the first things you need to do before you set out to buy used furniture is to identify whether or not the piece has been distressed. Most retailers will let you do this easily by printing a label on the back of the item. The key here is to identify if the piece has actually been distressed. You can determine this simply by looking at it.
Distressed Home Decor
If the piece appears to have had some sort of paint job, then it probably has been distressed, unless the paint is newer than the time of purchase. In addition to this, look for pieces that have been repainted. If the piece has seen better days, it probably has also had a touch up. It is important to note that repainting is completely different than distressed furniture, which means that there may be some differences between the two.
Repainted furniture will still have some imperfections in the wood, but it should be significantly different than the piece that distressed. Another thing to look for when purchasing new furniture is whether or not it has been thoroughly cleaned. A new couch would need to be vacuumed if it is new, whereas a used couch may simply need to be wiped down and dusted. The condition of the home decor also needs to be taken into account.
While buying new furniture, you should look for flaws, scratches, and wear and tear. Do you feel as though something could be missing? Perhaps there are too many stains on the floor. Check all of these areas before making a purchase.

If a piece of new furniture is really worth the money, take it home and give it a test run. Sit in it and see how comfortable it is. If it doesn’t feel right, it may need a few adjustments. Make sure to test out the legroom, armchair, and seating. If you find that none of these areas feel comfortable, then the item will most likely need some adjustments. Distressing home decor may seem like a big task, but it is a very necessary one.
Distressed home furnishings can greatly improve the appearance of your home and can increase its value. This is especially true if the item is sold damaged. Before you purchase a distressed piece of home decor, make sure you research it thoroughly and test it out first.

Give Distressed Bedroom Furniture a Unique Character

Give your bedroom exceptional character with distressed bedroom furniture designed to make a bold signature statement in your room and created to exacting standards. Distressed decor is a timeless technique to instantly update classic furniture with contemporary chic-inspired pieces, such as a bed frame, bed dressers, tall bureau or end tables all in distressed finish paint schemes. The timeless look of distressed furniture can add instant character to a room and instantly turn an average bedroom into a showpiece. Give your distressed furniture a face lift by choosing only the best quality pieces with unparalleled attention to detail.

A bed in a box is a great way to save money while adding character to any room. Distressed bed in boxes are designed with low sloped molded “boxes” placed underneath a strong mattress. These items are then finished with strong fabric topings and sturdy hardware for easy cleaning. When purchasing bed in a box furniture sets ensure that all items are thoroughly intact including drawers and drawer fronts. Also check the edges for deep scratches or scuffs to avoid damage to your bed frame or dresser in the near future.

Give a distressed furniture piece that unique character by giving it a distressed finish. This instantly creates a pop of color and instantly transforms an ordinary piece of furniture into a one of a kind. Use this technique sparingly, as it does take a bit of time and practice to achieve excellent results. Distressed finishes work well in any room, whether it be your living room dining room or bedroom. It’s also great for making an ordinary chair into a great piece of furniture.

Distressed Furniture Interior Design

Distressed furniture is deliberately distressed to give antique or worn looking furniture a worn or antique look. Distressed furniture usually has aged stains applied to it to give it the look of worn, chipped, or discolored wood. This distressed look gives the piece an age old or dilapidated appearance that makes the piece more appealing than other new furniture. Some distressed furniture may also include creases that are the result of previous paint jobs. The colors used for distressed furniture can be dark or light wood stained or painted in a color that is no longer used. It may also be finished with an oil based stain or wax.

Rustic Distressed Furniture: Rustic distressed furniture gives the room a mountain cabin type of feel with rugged woods, metal and stone pieces that give it a country feel. Distressed paint has shades of brown, burnt red, and rusty gray. Distressed wood is typically stained with an earth tone such as brown, forest green, walnut or cinnamon. Distressed rustic furniture is very popular in log homes, cabin style living rooms and country kitchens. In addition, distressed furniture is also becoming popular in modern furniture designs.

Coastal Distressed Furniture: Coastal distressed furniture gives a beach house like look to a room. The furniture comes in many styles and is made of cedar, teak, and other hardwoods that are naturally distressed. The hardware used on the furniture is heavy and includes hardware that is shaped like rocks, sea shells, coral, and more. The colors are usually very neutral. A distressed furniture piece may also contain unique hardware such as roosters, anchors, hearts, and otherautical motifs.

Distressed Kitchen Furniture – The Best Option For Your Home Kitchen

The distressed kitchen furniture is an excellent choice to add a little rough and raw feel to any kitchen or bathroom. It is now very popular and also has rapidly gained in popularity over the years. A distressed piece of furnishing looks old but new, making it quite suitable for almost any setting. Whether you want to buy one piece of distressed furniture or a whole set of distressed bedroom furniture or a set of distressed dining tables, you can find it easily from the Internet.

If you have a large kitchen where there are lots of utensils and appliances to be handled, then it would be most appropriate to buy a set of dining table and chairs in that kind of setting. It would be an excellent idea to also invest in some distressed metal kitchen chairs and dining chairs as well. If the kitchen is not so big, then you should just buy some simple chairs and tables which you can place almost anywhere in your kitchen. In this way you can make the most of your distressed kitchen furniture as well as getting a lot of use out of them.

It would be a very good idea if you buy a few different sets of chairs, tables, and sofas in order to decorate your kitchen with a variety of chairs and tables and still not waste too much money. You can even mix and match different kinds of distressed kitchen chairs and tables, so that they do not look too imposing all at once. There are a lot of beautiful selections from which you can choose your distressed kitchen chairs and tables and still get the style and design that suits your home. You can even go in for a really old fashioned design, if you have an old antique looking home. With so many options available, you really have nothing to lose by trying to decorate your kitchen with distressed furniture.

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Distressed Home Decor

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