printables shop your DIY family

printables shop your DIY family

I’m super excited (and nervous) to announce the launch of my printables shop. I’ve been sharing a few basic printables on my blog here and there. With the lovely feedback and huge number of downloads I had, it made me realise that you guys love your printables just as much as I do! So I (nervously) decided to start a shop sharing the life organization printables I’ve been using to organise my life and my home for a while now. They have made such a difference to me so I know they can help you too. Read on to find out more.

Your DIY Family: Life Organization Printables Shop

I’ve got a small collection of PDF printables available to buy right now.  They include essentials like daily and weekly planners, monthly calendars and a habit tracker which has been a game changer for me.  I’ve also got a paint tracker which will ensure that you never forget a paint colour in your home ever again!

I’ll be adding more printables every month but if there’s something you are keen to have, email me and let me know.  The idea with each and every printable is to help you get more organised at home and work, as quickly and easily as possible.  And the best part of these printables is that once you buy it, it’s yours to keep forever.  You can print as many copies as you like and as often as you like.

habit tracker printable

Go take a look at the shop and don’t miss this printable habit tracker – this has seriously helped me start and stick to running as my exercise.

It actually all started with a habit tracker – my favourite printable, if I had to pick just one.  I hate exercise and I always have. I’ve never stuck to any exercise routine for more than a month, at most. But in April of this year I decided to try running (it was the only exercise left that I hadn’t tried!). I also decided to make myself a habit tracker to keep track of my running. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything to change.

But gosh, did things change! The simple act of keeping my habit tracker visible and ticking off my run each morning was so motivating.  I actually looked forward to coming home from my run and ticking my habit tracker – it became addictive.  But let’s get real for a minute – did I never miss a run because of the habit tracker?  Of course not.  I did have days I missed but seeing my chain of ticks getting broken just spurred me to get back on track.

And that was the inspiration for me to share these printables with you as I realised that if they’ve helped me so much, they can do the same for you. But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself.

monthly printable calendar

The other printable I use religiously is the monthly calendar. I print out 2 for each month and use one for work and one for personal. I stick it up on my wall and I can see my month at a glance.  No more faffing with apps that you have to log in to and aren’t visible when you need them to be. These calendars also allow me to plan my month in advance and make me feel so much more organised than I used to. I take 5 minutes at the end of each month to plan the next month and then I add additional commitments as they come up. As a result I am no longer that mother that forgets mufti days or school matches!

Here’s a close-up of some of the printables you can expect to find but make sure to head to the shop to see them all:

monthly calendar weekly planner printable

house paint tracker weekly planner printable

Head on over to the printables shop to check out the printables and remember that you only buy them once and they’re yours forever!

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