OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – Police are at the scene of an officer-involved shooting at Oshkosh West High School.

Students evacuated from Oshkosh West High School after an officer-involved shooting. (WBAY Photo)

Oshkosh Police say an armed student confronted a school resource officer at the school located at 375 N Eagle St.

The officer fired. Both the student and the officer were hurt, police say. We do not know the extent of their injuries. The student and the officer were taken to local hospitals.

No other students were hurt, according to the police.

Oshkosh Police are scheduled to hold a news conference at 1 p.m. Action 2 News will carry it on air, online and on social media.

Police did not say what type of weapon the student used. They will not say what led up to the confrontation.

“At approximately 9:12 a.m., officers were dispatched to West high school for a report of an officer-involved shooting. We received information that there was one student that was injured as well as a school resource officer,” says Office Kate Mann, Oshkosh Police Dept. “Both of these individuals were taken to local hospitals for injuries. They were the only two individuals who were injured during this altercation.”

Oshkosh West is on lockdown. Students are being taken to Perry Tipler Middle School, 325 S Eagle St, where they will be reunited with parents.

“There has been an officer-involved shooting at Oshkosh West High School. The school has been locked down. Students are being evacuated and transported to Perry Tipler Middle School. Parents may reunite with their students at Tipler; identification is required. A student armed with a weapon confronted a school resource officer. The student and officer were both injured and transported to local hospitals. Only one student was injured. This incident is being turned over to the State Department of Criminal Investigation. There will be further information shared when it becomes available,” reads a statement from the Oshkosh Area School District.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation is taking over the investigation. This is protocol in officer-involved shootings.

Oshkosh West freshman Alexis Watkins told Action 2 News about the tense moments when it was announced there was a situation at the school.

“It was really scary. They went over the intercom and everyone was freaking out over the intercom. Where are we going? They said lockdown but everyone was running out of the school. I twas really bad, ” says Alexis Watkins. “Everyone over the intercom was just like run, run, run. And then they were like it’s a lockdown, you have to stay in the room. And everyone was like, no you have to run. So I just ran.”

Action 2 News spoke with Pastor John E. Seelman at nearby Immanuel Lutheran Church. He told us he saw students running across the street. He said police were on scene in minutes.

Pastor Seelman said some students came into the church, and he walked them to a bus to be transported to Perry Tipler Middle School.

“I did not realize how many officers there were on duty in Oshkosh. How many cars and different vehicles showed up,” says Pastor John Seelman, Immanuel Lutheran Church. “Shortly after the first ambulance arrived, someone was brought out in a wheelchair and they were transferred to a stretcher and then into an ambulance that left shortly after that.”

The shooting at Oshkosh West comes one day after an officer shot a 17-year-old student at Waukesha South High School. Officials had received reports that the student had a handgun. The student was listed in stable condition and taken into custody. CLICK HERE for more on the Waukesha shooting.

Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) said he is “profoundly saddened” to see this happen in his home city.

“Less than 24 hours after the incident at Waukesha South High School, I am profoundly saddened to see my own friends, constituents, and neighbors having to come together to cope with an officer-involved shooting of a student at Oshkosh West. Our community is fortunate that no lives were lost today, and I am deeply appreciative of the staff and law enforcement who acted to keep our students safe.

“As an elected leader, every day I feel the urgency of a public that is looking for answers and deserves leadership from their government officials on reducing incidents like this. I reject the premise that students today must simply learn to live with the constant prospect of terror and violence when they attend school, or go about their lives in any other public space. In Wisconsin and across the country, we are deserving of leaders who are willing to step up and address this growing public health crisis.” – Rep. Gordon Hintz

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Last Modified: December 3, 2019