Make magnets with Christmas motif for your fridge or magnetic boards because we always find more room to decorate this season!

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DIY Magnets with Christmas Motif for Your Holiday Decor

A Fun DIY Decor Project You Should Do These Holiday Seasons

Looking for a fun and easy DIY Christmas project? Try these whimsical DIY magnets!

They make great Christmas gifts and are totally unique! Your friends, family, and even yourself, will not find these in stores.

The good news about this project is you can make as many as you want. You can also play with your design to create magnets for all occasions.

These DIY magnets are a fun and fabulous project to jazz up your fridge and inspiration board in no time. They are not only functional; they also add a personal touch to your home or office this Christmas season.

With just a few simple steps, you can create your own DIY magnets with a Christmas motif. And I’m sure my kids would be very excited to start these fun and colorful crafts.

This is sure to be real fun! So, grab your supplies now and let’s get started!

What You’ll Need for This DIY Christmas Magnets

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DIY Christmas Magnets Instructions

Step 1. Draw Faces

person drawing on sketch book near white lantern | How To Make Magnets With Christmas Motif | magnets with christmas motif

First, draw faces onto your wooden circles. Add a small holiday accent to the hair to create a holiday motif.

I went with a candy cane, but feel free to go with whatever you want.

Step 2. Paint the Facial Features

Paint the faces with tone skin craft paint. We added a little bit of white paint to lighten the skin tone.

Paint the eyes and candy cane white, then let it dry. Next, paint the hair black or any color of your choice and let dry after, too.

You can paint the back of the circle black as well but it is not necessary. Paint the lips red, as well as the red stripes on the candy cane. Also, choose a color for her eyes.

Step 3. Outlining the Features


Use a thin permanent marker to outline their features. You can add blush to their cheeks using a red oil pastel stick and an old brush or just using a little bit of red paint.

Step 4. Spray on Clear Protective Sealer

hand using spray on grey background | How To Make Magnets With Christmas Motif | magnets with christmas motif

Spray the wooden disks with a clear protective sealer. We used Krylon for this step.

Step 5. Attach Magnets

Finally, mount the magnets behind the painted part of the wooden disks. Magnets should be applied at the back portion of the disk with E6000 glue or a hot glue gun.

Firmly press them for a few seconds ’til they stick together. Then, you’re done!

Aside from using these on your fridge, you can attach these magnets on any metal board around the house!

Need more ideas for DIY Christmas magnets? Check out this video from Guidecentral English and learn how to make a bright festive Christmas fridge magnet:

There you have it, DIY junkies! You’ll have these cute little works of art ready to be shown off throughout your home or perhaps in your office in just a matter of minutes.

I’m thinking of making several of these DIY magnets and give them to my dear ones this Christmas. Happy crafting!

How about you? Will you be making these cute DIY Magnets for Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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