Create a rustic cozy Christmas this year with our budget decorating tips

10 Ways to Stretch your Christmas decorating budget, Creative Budget-Friendly Christmas Decor, Cozy White Christmas Decor Ideas

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas … just like the one’s I used to know …” – Irving Berlin

It’s that time of year again, Friends. Christmas will be here before we know it. Make way for sugar cookie decorating, Christmas caroling and Hallmark movie watching galore. Keeping that in mind, it’s time to start to decorate for Christmas. The best news is that all our decorating tips are budget friendly. You do not need to break the bank to create a gorgeous and inviting Christmas home. I’m sharing 10 ways to decorate for Christmas on a budget, plus my own cozy white Christmas decor to inspire you. I’m going to show you how you too can decorate for Christmas on a budget.

cozy White Christmas decor with fireplace and flocked tree

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Where to Shop to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget

When I think of a white Christmas, I think of cozy plaid throws, galvanized metal house lanterns, and perfectly flocked Christmas trees. That’s why I headed to my favorite budget-friendly home decor source, Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart. As you probably guessed, my white Christmas decor comes with a rustic farmhouse twist. I bet you didn’t see that one coming. Walmart’s exclusive collection has everything you could possibly need to create a farmhouse winter wonderland this year.

Create a Winter Wonderland scene on your mantlepiece with white faux fur throw and galanized house lanterns

Avoiding Stress by Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

We all know how stressful the holiday season can be. Whether we are preparing for family visitors, holiday parties or simply rushing to getting all our Christmas shopping done in time, there’s always something to accomplish. Overspending should not add to your stress. That’s why we truly love sharing how to decorate for Christmas on a budget.

We also think that the setting we create in our homes at Christmastime can help us distress. By creating this cozy white Christmas oasis in your home, you are creating a peaceful haven where you can decompress from holiday chaos. Light a few pine-scented candles and cozy up by the fire with a steaming cup of hot cocoa and your favorite book. Voila, a relaxing holiday reading nook to enjoy all season long.

fireplace decor with farmhouse plaid pillows and vintage skis

Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

Jodie and I are part of The Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart Influencer Network. We love representing a brand that provides quality style at affordable prices. We are compensated for our efforts in creating this post. Our convenient shopping links help support our blog work but add no additional cost to you. All our opinions are authentically our own, and as always, we hope you enjoy. There are a lot more ideas available from the talented BHG Live Better Influencer Network.

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family room white Christmas themed holiday decor with farmhouse elements

My White Christmas Inspiration

How did I get this fabulous cozy white Christmas idea? Let me set the scene. I was walking through the aisles at Walmart, when something caught my eye: The candle section.

Then began the extravaganza of smelling each and every holiday candle. If you know me at all, you know of my obsession with candles and anything that smells good. There’s something so special about the Better Homes & Gardens candle selection available at Walmart.

Vermont White Spruce candle from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart with deer figurine

Better Homes & Gardens candles are extremely long-lasting, give out a beautiful aroma and come in nostalgic, old-fashioned glass jars. What more could a candle lover ask for? There was one scent I just couldn’t put down: Vermont White Spruce. And then came the overwhelming light bulb moment. I thought to myself, “My holiday decor theme this year should be cozy white Christmas.”

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cozy seating corner with believe pillow and green sherpa throw from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart

How to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget: The Tree

The focal point of decorating your holiday home is, of course, the Christmas tree. You do not have to spend a lot to create a picture-perfect tree that your family and friends will drool over. Simply follow these money-saving tips and tricks to decorate for Christmas on a budget. You’ll soon realize that creativity is almost as valuable as a credit card, at least when it comes to decorating for Christmas.

White Christmas flocked King of Christmas tree with vintage skis for a festive look

1. Flock or Flop. In order to transform your space into a true winter wonderland, a flocked tree is a must. To purchase fabulous pre-flocked and pre-lit artificial trees, visit

2. Choose Your Color Scheme. In this case, our theme is white farmhouse Christmas, so I gravitated towards silver, galvanized metal and snow-white ornaments. Don’t be afraid to add some evergreen or burgundy shades into the mix. It’s Christmas, after all.

3. Farmhouse Tree Accessories. I opted for rustic farmhouse accessories like vintage skates, old fashioned wooden skis, and natural pine cones.

4. DIY Bows. If you want an easy and inexpensive way to create a beautiful tree, add these easy DIY Christmas bows to your tree. You know how Jodie and I love a good DIY project. It’s a great way to save money and add a personal touch.

5. Special Tree Skirt. Make sure to finish the look with a unique tree skirt. A white faux-fur tree skirt is a great way to create that “fresh snow” look. Mine is a chunky knit wool tree skirt. Think outside the box for the finishing touches.

fireplace setting with pom-pom mantle garland and silver tree decorations

10 Ways to Stretch Your Christmas Decor Budget

  1. Reuse what you own. Be creative and use what you already own in new ways. When you do this your “old” decor seems new. We promise.
  2. Look to nature. Look in your yard for inspiration. Go on a walk and collect branches, holly berries, clippings, evergreens, pine cones etc.
  3. To decorate for Christmas on a budget, get creative with your decor. Here’s a fabulous DIY chair decoration that’s inexpensive and easy.
  4. Make your tree decorations and tree bows. Here is our easy Christmas bow tutorial.
  5. Make paper or fabric bunting. These are fun and festive and cost virtually nothing to make.
  6. Shop Better Homes & Gardens available exclusively at Walmart. Their products are amazing and a great value. Similarly priced items often cost three to five times as much elsewhere.
  7. Repurpose non-Christmas items you already own for creative Christmas decorating. For example, dress up an old-fashioned sled, antique skates, a red wagon. You get the idea. Get those creative juices flowing and have fun.
  8. Bored with your decor? Swap with a friend for the season. How fun is that?
  9. See something you can’t afford? Try making a similar version yourself. You might create something you love even more.
  10. Get a new set of eyes. Ask a friend for her ideas to help you see your home and your decor in new ways. Repay the favor by doing the same for her.

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Create the Perfect Cozy White Christmas Ambiance

Your cozy white Christmas living area is not complete without a holiday-scented candle like the Vermont White Spruce candle from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. This candle makes it easy to decorate for Christmas on a budget. It’s a beautiful fresh winter scent to get you and your family in the holiday spirit. Plus, it makes the space feel more like a tranquil, snowy forest setting.

faux miniature trees and indoor lanterns

If you’re feeling a little more creative, try setting up a miniature winter wonderland equipped with galvanized house lanterns, wax candle melts and a faux fur blanket to act as the “snowy streets.” I can’t praise these galvanized house lanterns from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart enough. They are so versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, and they are just too cute for words. Be sure to snag yours before they sell out. You can even intersperse some deer figurines and miniature trees throughout your scene to bring the town to life. I decided to put my winter village on my fireplace mantle, but you can use a coffee table, dining or accent table.

How to Create a Winter Wonderland Mantel

To help you achieve a similar look, follow this step-by-step guide to creating the perfect cozy white Christmas mantelpiece.

  1. Textured Winter Wonderland Base. I recommend starting with a solid base for your winter scene. In this case, I went for a white faux fur throw to act as the snowy landscape. Then, I added flocked stem arrangements to tie in the pine from my tree.
  2. Lighting. Having an array of diverse lighting elements on your mantle is so important to create that cozy winter mood. To avoid a fire hazard, make sure to use artificial flicker candles in places closer to greenery or easily flammable materials. Only place live flames where safe, for example inside an enclosed glass lantern.
  3. Adding Dimension. The key to this is levels. Playing with level will instantly add dimension to your scene. Choose from different sized candle holders and lanterns or adding books to add height in specific places.
  4. Final Touches. No Christmas vignette of mine is complete without a wool pom-pom garland or two.  These are so fun and festive to add the perfect amount of texture and balance to your mantle. You can get a similar look by stringing wood beads of different sizes together. Plus, the mini hanging trees are just too cute for words.

cozy white Christmas mantelpiece with mood lighting and farmhouse tree sign

Cozy Sherpa Blankets

Snuggling up by the fire on a chilly winter evening isn’t the same without these gorgeous Sherpa throw blankets from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. Not only are these blankets super soft and cozy, but they add texture and pattern to your white Christmas decor. I’ll be unapologetically wrapping myself in this blanket and watching the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life with my family. Some traditions never get old.

cozy lovseat with white trees and cozy lighting

These blankets are so versatile. They look good and feel good. My family is always wrapping themselves up in them, so I stock up. This year I bought an all-white blanket that goes with all my decor and a green and red tartan one. Both are beautiful accents for any room in the house.

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cozy lighting for your holiday living room

Well-Priced Resources to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget

There’s no need to break the bank with your holiday decor. To liven up your cozy white Christmas seating area, these frayed plaid throw pillows are irresistible. They just scream “farmhouse Christmas.” Decorate for Christmas on a budget with these pillows from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. They come with a quality pillow cover and a down-filled insert, making it a reusable and value-priced item.

The rich tartan adds a pop of color to your white Christmas backdrop. They make the space inviting to guests and create the perfect holiday photo-op. If you are wanting red accents for your Christmas decor these pillows are offered in gorgeous red plaid as well.

farmhouse reindeer sign with greenery and blue and green plaid pillows from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart

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You can never have enough throw pillows. Am I right? Mix colors, sizes and textures, keeping within your theme and color scheme.

I love the traditional Christmas flair added by my new fringe edged green plaid pillows from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. They tie in with my green plaid cozy Sherpa throw also from Better Homes & Gardens. Against a sea of neutrals these fun green tartan prints add just the right holiday accent.

To mimic the miniature skis on my tree, I decided to lean a pair of full-sized antique skis against my mantel. Bringing your decor items full circle is key to achieving a cohesive decor theme. I’m obsessed. I added an adorable reindeer scroll above my sectional, with a dough bowl overflowing with antique sleigh bells to complete the look.

For more white Christmas decor ideas, visit Kerri at a Pop of Pretty and her white Christmas home tour. 

Cozy White Christmas: Inspiration for Christmas Decorating on a Budget

Do you know that magical feeling when you wake up to the first snow of the season? We certainly know it here in Sammamish, Washington. Last winter, we had a record-breaking 21 inches. Talk about a magical winter wonderland. Seeing our beautiful evergreens covered in that snow is another reason I was inspired to create this theme for my holiday decor this year.

galvanized house lanterns and mini trees

When I see that picture-perfect winter wonderland outside my window, I feel like a little kid again. I imagine Santa Clause and his sleigh arriving and devouring the cookies and milk we left out. I really wanted to recreate the magic of Christmas in my decor this year. By reusing what I already owned in fresh ways and adding budget-friendly decor from Better Homes & Gardens collection from Walmart I was able to decorate for Christmas on a budget. With this inspiration, resources, and budget decorating tips we hope you feel empowered to create beautiful Christmas decor in your homes.

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How to Decorate for Christmas in a Small Space

If you are decorating a small space for Christmas, whether you live in an apartment, tiny house or even a home on wheels, you might run into a few obstacles along the way. But decorating for a small space is, in fact, possible and many people pull it off wonderfully. In many ways it’s easier. The entire process is simplified and on a much smaller scale.

My best tips for decorating a small space for Christmas are:

  • Make use of your available surfaces, shelves, and wall space.
  • Avoid placing large items on the floor where they could potentially be in the way.
  • When square-footage is minimal, wall space is a better option.
  • Decorate with festive Christmas signs, evergreen garlands, and twinkle lights.
  • Choose a pencil tree or a table top tree to save space.

How to Decorate for Christmas without a Tree

Sometimes a tree just isn’t the budget. It might be inconvenient to purchase in your area or a tree might be too much for your small space. But have no fear, there are ways to decorate for Christmas on a budget without a tree.

Christmas vignettes are so impactful and can make a statement on virtually any surface in your home, like a coffee table, dining room table or side table. Gather some of your favorite Christmas decorations, like an evergreen-scented candle, a set of festive pine cones and some silver and gold ornaments. Arrange on the table or shelf of your choice. Christmas vignettes make for the perfect photo-op and draw the eye to something special.

There are so many options to help you decorate. Instead of a big stand-alone Christmas tree have fun incorporating one or more small table-top trees. You can see how much I love doing this in my home. In a small space this is practical and very festive. Add little ornaments and battery powered LED lights and you’ve got your Merry Christmas decor.


Create a cozy christmas this year with these budget decorating tips

How to Decorate for Christmas without Red

I know a lot of you are probably wondering, how did you decorate your living room without any red? Well, let me tell you, it was hard to keep myself under control. I’m so used to decorating with color for the holidays, but this year I felt something new was in order.

I quickly learned that this neutral, white Christmas theme is sophisticated and calming. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you are interested in decorating with more neutral tones this year here are my tips.

  1. First of all, come up with a consistent color scheme and be sure to carry it throughout your space.
  2. You can leave red out of one room, all your main rooms, or pick and choose like I like to do. Just be sure each individual space is cohesive.
  3. There are plenty of colors that say “Christmas” other than red, like white, silver, gold, greys and shades of green.
  4. When decorating your tree, choose from ornaments in your desired color scheme and other tree accessories like a skirt, garlands and dried stem arrangements.

How to Decorate for Christmas without a Fireplace or Mantel

Does your home lack a fireplace or mantel? If so, don’t let this discourage you from decorating beautifully for Christmas. Stockings can be hung virtually anywhere, like above a couch, table, or any open wall space.

You can hang them from temporary command strip hooks or from cute hooks that are part of the decor. I think it’s a very fun look to hang seasonal decor from permanent hooks. It adds dimension and interest and makes it super easy to swap out decor with each new season.

Decorate for Christmas on a budget by creating your own faux fireplace.

You can create a faux fireplace on your television, by turning on a virtual fireplace available on both Netflix and YouTube. You get all the benefits of a fireplace (besides the warmth of course) without the cost of renovation. String festive evergreen or tinsel garland above your television or create a stocking vignette to pull it all together.

Final Thoughts

We love hearing from you. Please leave a comment below, pin our photos to Pinterest, and share with your friends. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out one of our most popular farmhouse Christmas blog posts, “My Crazy For Buffalo Check Christmas Home Tour.”

Looking for even more inspiration on how to decorate for Christmas on a budget? We share holiday crafts, recipes, Christmas home tours, and how-to decorate your Christmas tree, all found on the blog. Simply enter “Christmas” in the search bar and you’ll find lots to inspire you this holiday season.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday full of love and joy,

jodie & julie

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Cozy Christmas holiday shopping wish list for your budget Christmas decorating

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