pumpkin painting idea for Halloween

pumpkin painting idea for Halloween

Love the creepy Halloween stuff? Then look away now! I’m so over the ghouls and ghosts so this Halloween, I decided to go for something a little different. I came up with this quirky and creative diy pumpkin painting idea which I had so much fun making.

So, meet my DIY pumpkin animal family!  The best part about this pumpkin painting idea is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just pick a few animals you like, paint your pumpkins accordingly and give each animal some ears and a face.

You can pick little or large pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes. I found some of the most imperfectly shaped ones with warts and all and got painting them. For my animal pumpkins, I went for a panda, pig, sloth and deer (no bats, cats and owls in sight!). Hopefully you can make out which animals they are but just in case!

DIY pumpkin painting idea for kids

DIY acrylic pumpkin painting Halloween

easy DIY pumpkin animals Halloween

DIY pumpkin Painting Idea – quirky pumpkin animals

pumpkins in different shapes and sizes
acrylic paints
fine black marker pen
coloured card and/or printer paper
hot glue gun

There isn’t really a step by step to this DIY. It’s more about taking this idea and putting your own spin on it. So you could make completely different pumpkin animals than the ones I made or you could go for the traditional Halloween animals like bats, cats, owls and spiders. It’s super fun to do for any age and everyone can come up with their own version.

Here are a few tips and what I did – paint your pumpkins in your chosen animal colours. Add details like the eyes and mouth with a fine black marker pen.  Last of all, make and hot glue on the ears. I used black card for the panda ears as I wanted them to be quite stiff and the panda is quite a large pumpkin. But for the pig and deer ears, I painted some basic white printer paper in a similar colour as the animal and made the ears from this as I wanted the ears to have a softer, more pliable feel. And finally, for the deers antlers, I found some little twigs and hot glued them on.

My other tip is keep the face details on the minimal side. I can’t draw to save my life so that’s what I did but I also like the simplicity of it all. And most important of all – have fun doing it. It’s one of the most fun Halloween crafts I’ve done.

Here’s a short video of the making of one of the pumpkin animals:

And here’s a few more pics:

Halloween no carve pumpkin animals

easy fall pumpkin decorating ideas for kids

cute pumpkin painting idea diy

pumpkin painting idea for Halloween

This diy painted pumpkin idea is so much fun for any age and it’s not just for Halloween – use these pumpkins to decorate a dinner table or your mantle for as long as pumpkins are in season.  They’d make fun decorations for a kids birthday party too.

Which is your favourite pumpkin animal? I’m leaning towards the lopsided sloth 😉

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