An accent wall can give a space character and fill a room in a way that nothing else can. It doesn’t have to be designed or decorated in any particular way. There’s a ton of different ways to create an accent wall and you have to come up with a strategy that suits your home. We have a bunch of ideas that we’d like to share with you on that subject. They involve different strategies and different types of items that you can use to create a beautiful accent wall and we hope they can inspire you.

An accent wall doesn’t have to be free of furniture, even though that also can be a good strategy. In a living room, the accent wall can be the one behind the sofa since that’s what the eyes usually focus on. You can complement the sofa and any other furniture pieces with decorative items such as potted plants or wall ornaments. In this case a set of hanging mirrors were used.

An accent wall can stand out both during the day and the night. You can do that with the help of accent lighting. Ambient lights can really change a space. There are of course numerous different strategies to approach this idea. If you want something contemporary and futuristic-looking, this should be a good source of inspiration.

Every room can and should have an accent wall and that includes the bathroom. Most often the accent wall is the one with the vanity and sink on it. It’s rather easy to create a beautiful composition by combining the right elements. A sleek an stylish vanity can be complemented by an elegant washbasin and a backlit wall mirror. If there’s enough space you can double everything.

An accent wall doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with items. Simplicity can also be a good design strategy and color can really help. We love the way in which the framed wall mirrors brighten up this living room and the black walls. The wooden furniture pieces add warmth to the decor and create a very cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Another strategy is to create a gallery wall. You can do this with a completely empty wall as a way to visually fill the room but it can also work with furnished areas. There’s usually plenty of room above a sofa or a console table. You can fill it with framed pictures, artwork or anything that you find interesting and representative for your style.

Abstract decor is another beautiful option you can explore. You can work with various geometric shapes to create an eye-catching display on one of your accent walls. Contrasting colors can also help highlight a beautiful design. You can use the same accent accent color that the rest of the room uses.

Mirrors are a great way to open up a room and to create a bright and airy decor. We also find that framed mirrors and accent walls go hand in hand. This for example is a really cool display. Similarly, you can use hexagon-shaped mirrors to create lovely honeycomb patterns.

An accent wall can also be simple and diverse at the same time and this right here is a nice example. The wall itself stands out through texture and pattern. The suspended unit creates a solid base yet maintains a lightweight and airy feel. Then there’s the floating shelves with LED strips that highlight the items placed on them and the wall behind.

A wall full of bookshelves doesn’t really sound like a very exciting or interesting concept and yet it works wonderfully here. This is a beautiful accent wall that shows anything can look cool if it’s designed to do so. The irregular geometry of these bookshelves really plays with perception.

Bedrooms have accent walls too. Since the bed is the dominant furniture piece in the room, it usually serves as a focal point. By extension the wall behind it is the accent wall. An oversized headboard or, in this case, a decorative frame, are very effective at drawing attention in a way that doesn’t make the space any less inviting or soothing.

An armchair, a framed mirror, a console and a light fixture are all items that can be used when setting up an accent wall. You can use one, two or even all of them. This for example looks like a wholesome accent wall that has a little bit of everything.

Mirrors and light fixtures are sometimes used in conjunction to create interesting visual effects. Backlit mirrors are a very basic example. You can also have a lamp placed in front of a mirror to maximize its brightness or opt for something a bit more unconventional. Either way, look for ways to balance out the decor.

We mentioned before that an accent wall should showcase your style so if there’s anything that you like to collect or a certain theme that you really like, look for ways to materialize that into your home decor. If you collect antiques then have a bunch of them put on display. Aren’t these clocks charming?

We also mentioned that headboards can stand out and be used to create accent walls. This is a lovely example. The headboard is made up of various geometric panels juxtaposed in different ways, with soft backlighting and different shapes and colors.

Sometimes furniture is all you need to create an accent wall. Some furniture pieces have unusual and eye-catching designs or vivid colors which help them stand out. This abstract set is one example. Custom-made furniture also has a ton of potential. You can create something that fits your accent wall perfectly.

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