minimal and easy DIY home decor ideas

easy DIY home decor ideas

So many of you tell me that you can’t find time to make stuff even though you want to.  We are all busy but taking time out to do something you enjoy is so important.   With the summer holidays on, time is even more precious.  But that doesn’t have to mean you have to stop making stuff.  Why not make time for some quick DIY home decor projects?  To help you,  I’ve rounded up lots of quick and easy DIY’s that can be done in 30 minutes or less.

More than that, all these DIY’s will add a unique touch to your home by not only being useful objects but beautiful ones too.  I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with things that are practical and beautiful and all these DIY’s fit the bill even though they take a small amount of time to make.

The first 6 of these quick DIY home decor ideas are pictured above. Here’s a little more about each one and also where you can find them:

how to make a hanging magazine holder

Here’s a simple, minimal diy magazine holder that takes seconds to make. Seriously.  You can make several to create a feature wall and you can even display some of your favourite books.

modern wood candle holder diy

Using similar wooden balls as you used in the magazine holder, you can make these simple and stylish diy wooden candle holders.  Keep them in their natural wood finish or paint them whatever colour you like.

DIY art hack with tea towels

Art can be expensive but not if you know about this DIY art hack.  Not only can you create art in minutes but it’s so budget friendly that you can switch it up as often as you like.

DYI wood cake stand

Here’s a minimal DIY wood cake stand.  The natural wood really allows your cakes to shine and it takes minutes to make. What could be better?

diy trivets with polymer clay

This is one of my most popular DIY’s not just because these DIY clay trivets are easy to make but mostly because they look so much nicer than basic shop bought trivets.  Just as useful but beautiful too.

DIY wooden door stop

Combining materials is always a good idea and this DIY wooden door stop made with wood and leather is so beautiful in its simplicity.  Door stops are always handy to have so why not make your own?

Next 6 DIY home decor ideas:

minimal and easy DIY home decor ideas

Above is a glimpse of the next 6 DIY home decor ideas, all of which are as stunning as they are useful.  So here’s a bit more about each one:

diy wall mounted toothbrush holder

These simple DIY wall mounted toothbrush holders are one of my own favourite DIY’s that I’ve created. They are so simple to make but the end result looks so great.  Also they stop your toothbrushes from being left in cups with gunky toothbrush water!

DIY egg cups air dry clay crafts

How pretty are these DIY clay egg cups made from air dry clay?  I love their raw finish and the gorgeous pale pops of pastel colours.

modern towel holder diy

I love when a DIY takes an everyday object and turns it in to something completely different.  Click on through to see how to make this simple and modern DIY towel holder which takes no time at all.

DIY wall clock with rattan

Rattan is so on trend right now and I don’t think the trend is going anywhere.  This DIY rattan clock would make a stunning piece in any home and even though it looks shop bought, it couldn’t be easier to make.

diy wooden triangle mirror

Minimalist home decor is just the best.  And even better when you can make it yourself like this minimal DIY wooden mirror.  It’s quick to make and would make a fab addition to any entryway.

diy minimal bookmarks

Here’a another example of taking a basic object and changing it’s use for delicious results!  This DIY brass bookmark is probably my easiest DIY ever but the end result is fab. And because it’s so quick to make, I made a load as handmade gifts to give out to my friends when I give them books.

As you’ll see all of these home decor DIY’s are easy and quick to make taking no more than 30 minutes but many as little as 10 or even less.  Most of all though they are all handy little objects for your home that will add a stylish touch to your everyday objects.

Which DIY will you start with?

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