how to choose a rug size

how to choose a rug size

I recently shared a post on how to choose a rug for your living areas, giving you my best tips to make sure you get the right rug for your space.  So many of us put off buying rugs because they are expensive or we buy the wrong (usually smaller) size because it’s cheaper.  Yet rugs are so important to finishing your home, especially if you have wooden floors which most of us do.

I’m guilty of not yet buying a rug because the choice can be overwhelming.  But I can see my floors crying out for a rug and I want to finish my living room.  There will be pictures once I make my rug purchase!

I’ve been searching for rugs and I thought I would share some of my best finds with you.  Most of my choices are neutral and pared back. This is because rugs are usually large and really stand out in a room.  If you then add bold patterns and lots of bright colour, the rug can take over the room which is not what I want.  I want a rug that brings my furniture together, creates a living area zone and gives a sense of calm when I see it.  Besides, I prefer more bared back, minimal interiors and I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you do too.

Here are 12 modern minimalist rugs for under £500 many of which are actually under £300. I realise that £300-£500 can seem like a lot but I’ve chosen natural fabrics and mainly large rugs – if you need a smaller size, some of these rugs are even more affordable. And there are a handful in here for under £200.

Note: I’ve linked to UK shops most of which ship internationally or there is a branch of the store in the US and other countries so you should be able to find these rugs in the US too. 

minimal affordable rugs

If you love your modern minimal, neutral rugs, these ones are for you. I’ve chosen a range of fabrics/textures and these rugs are simple enough to go with any decor and any colour scheme.

1. Textured wool and cotton weave rug 
2. Hemp rug with a woven pattern
3. Leather woven rug
4. Knitted and mottled patterned wool rug
5. Knit effect wool rug
6. Natural plant fibre rug with tassels


affordable rugs with minimal neutral style

If you prefer a bit of subtle colour and/or pattern in your rugs, here’s a selection of some that are still minimal and pared back.  I’ve included a distressed vintage style rug (no.12) as these rugs are on trend at the moment but also because they give you a great balance of vintage and pattern without being too bold. They come in a range of colours so you can always shop around if you want a bit more colour.

7. Jute ripple design rug
8. Cotton rug in nude/pale blush tones
9. Fluffy cotton rug with berber style pattern
10. Fringed cotton rug with geometric pattern
11. Wool and cotton blend rug with a bold pattern
12. Distressed wool rug with vintage pattern

Which is your favourite rug? I’m leaning towards no. 2 or no. 12.

P.S. If you’re not sure what size rug you need or how to choose between textures etc, you can read this post on how to choose a rug.

*Top image by entrance makleri

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